Salus Homecare offers a complete range of home-based caregiving services that are tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether it involves a senior parent who needs help to live at home or a person of any age who requires assistance with daily living activities, Salus is here to help.

Senior Services – Help For the Elderly at Home

Senior citizen can benefit greatly from Home Care Services. Our elderly parents prefer the comfort and convenience of home living over the impersonal atmosphere of an assisted care facility. Many seniors need just a small amount of outside help in order to continuing living independently. With the help of Home Care Services, this can be done.

Homecare Services – For All Ages

Seniors are not the only ones who can benefit from In-Home Supportive Services. Any patient who has undergone a medical procedure in a hospital may need additional help, once they have been discharged from the hospital. These days, hospitals are discharging patients earlier to avoid the expense of an extended hospital stay. However, the patient may still need help once they come home. Salus can provide home care for patients who need help with personal and daily home needs. Salus is also a home health provider. The patient who is recovering at home can benefit from the convenience of having one source providing doctor prescribed medical treatments and personal care.

Home Care Services for Home Living and Recovery

When you engage with a Home Care Provider, you and the case manager will work out a list of services to be provided. Known as a “Plan of Care” this document will serve as your Home Care Services roadmap that will keep the caregiving team, your Senior parents, and you, the adult children, on track to providing for your loved ones needs.

Medical and Non-Medical Services

Most home care companies are not licensed to offer medical treatments. It is important for adult children to know this. Salus Homecare is one of the few home care providers who offers both services. By offering both medical services as well as non-medical caregiving, Salus is able to give you an “end-to-end” Senior Care solution.

Salus Homecare is one of the few home care providers to have achieved Accreditation for Quality by the Joint Commission, awarded by one of the most trusted healthcare rating organizations in the country. For more information, call Salus Homecare at 1-888-725-8742.