All the Home Care and Home Health Services You Need in Orange County from One Provider

Salus is an accredited home health service provider in Orange County maintaining a strong reputation with customers and industry professionals. We offer in home aide, skilled nursing and therapy services to all Orange County residents; from Fullerton to San Clemente and Irvine to Huntington Beach, and all other surrounding areas. Our professionals coordinate with discharge planners, speak with your doctor and listen to your unique needs and goals. Through coordinated efforts, we meet all of your loved one’s needs with the care and attention that you deserve.

Orange County Home Care Services—We Provide High Quality Senior Care

Sometimes specialty care is needed for individuals who want to age in place. We support this desire by offering services that enhance independence and safety. In Irvine, home health aides might provide meal preparation, housekeeping assistance and transportation to a senior. Or in Newport Beach, respite care services might give a spouse time away while their loved one is cared for by a skilled nursing professional. Through enhanced communication, flexibility and compassion, we support seniors and their family members with the Home Care Services they need to remain at home.

Orange County Home Health Services—From Short Term Care to Long Term Care

Salus’ in home care also benefits individuals recovering from accidents or illnesses. After a hospital discharge, assistance is sometimes necessary for a short period of time. When this is the case, occupational therapists can support a brain injury patient in Laguna Beach or skilled nurses might offer pediatric care in Fountain Valley. At other times, clients require more permanent care. Across Orange County, Salus provides a variety of Home Health Services to help individuals regain or maintain their highest level of independence and functioning.

Get Help Choosing the Right In Home Health Care or Home Care Services in Orange County with One Call

Whatever your needs are, our One Call system meets them. Simply call our office, and we will coordinate all of your care. Salus employs speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses and personal attendants across Orange County. Our professionals always work collaboratively to provide care. Salus manages their scheduling, provides continuity of care and finds substitutions if your provider is unavailable. In this way, we remove the stress that is typically involved in finding quality in home care in Orange County.

A Top Ranked Homecare Agency in Orange County with National Accreditation from The Joint Commission

Hiring an in home care provider is a big decision. With Salus, you can rest assured that you are hiring a top ranked home care agency in Orange County. We have received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, a highly respected healthcare regulatory body. In order to maintain this accreditation, we focus on safety, confidentiality, patient care and innovative practices. We perform background checks, offer continued training to our employees and always make customer satisfaction a top priority.

If you are searching for high-quality in home care in Orange County, contact our office today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when my loved one no longer needs in home health care services?

    Salus does not require any long term commitments when you sign up for our services. We will assist you and your loved one for as short or as long a period of time as necessary. In fact, some of our clients only require assistance for a few weeks or a few months, through a period of rehabilitation or during a post operative stage of life. While we do appreciate notice if services are no longer necessary, they can be discontinued at any time without penalty.

  • How do I pay for in home health care services?

    Medicare and private insurance policies often assist with payment for home health care services. This is especially true for prescribed services, post hospitalization. Since this is a complex question and payment options will vary from family to family, it is best to contact our office to discuss your individual situation.

  • Is in home health care only for seniors?

    The simple answer is no. In home health care services are for anyone who needs extra medical assistance and wants to remain at home. This might include a young child with a chronic medical condition, an adult recovering from an acute condition, an individual needing post-operative rehabilitation, someone suffering from a brain or spinal cord injury or a senior diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any number of other health conditions. Salus can assist in all of these situations by providing the care that you or your loved one requires, regardless of age.

  • I am trying to decide between a rehabilitative facility and using an in home health care provider during a period of recovery. Can you help?

    This is a personal decision, and the right choice will vary from individual to individual. However, there are two important questions to consider when making the choice between placement and in home health care services.

    What is the goal and desire of the person needing care? A recent AARP survey showed that adults age 45 and older have a strong desire to age in place, with nearly three-quarters of respondents stating their goal was to remain in their homes for as long as possible. If your loved one has a stated goal of aging in place, choosing in home health care services gives them that ability.

    What are the costs of in home care versus placement? Prudential insurance completed a 2010 long term care study, and the results showed a private room in a nursing home has costs in excess of $79,000 per year. The cost of an in home health care worker is substantially less since you pay only for the hours you are using and cater services to meet your individual needs. This is the most significant financial advantage of in home health care versus placement.

    In addition to answering these questions, consider your family’s personal preferences. If you would prefer to spend time with your loved one in a familiar setting and customize a plan of care to meet your family’s specific needs, in home health care might be the best choice for you.

  • I have a doctor that I trust. What role will he play in the in home care services I am provided with?

    Salus understands the importance of continuity of care, and the only way we can provide this is by coordinating with the medical providers who are already working with you. As part of our One Call assessment process, we will make contact with your doctors, hospital discharge planners, social workers and other healthcare professionals to ask for their recommendations and input. Together, and in collaboration with you and your loved ones, we determine the appropriate services for your individual needs. In addition, our staff will continue to consult with your doctor and other medical professionals while we are providing services to make sure they remain appropriate and necessary.

  • What can an in home health care professional do?

    Salus in home health professionals are licensed, trained and skilled employees. They include nurses, therapists and medical social workers. Home health professionals provide medical services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, administering medications, wound care, ventilator and IV management and other medically prescribed services. Our home health providers can also assist with some activities of daily living, such as walking to the bathroom or preparing a light meal, but only when they are in the home completing other medically prescribed tasks.

  • I am currently providing care for my loved one full time. How can an in home care worker benefit me?

    As the primary caregiver for your loved one, you are likely familiar with the emotional and physical stress associated with your responsibilities. Hiring a Salus in home healthcare worker can remove some of this stress. With our assistance, you can take time away from your loved one to care for yourself. You can attend to the needs of other family members, work outside of the home, take a short vacation or make time for your own medical, spiritual or emotional needs. All of this can happen while you remain confident that your loved one is safe and healthy with appropriate care. In addition, a home health care provider can teach you necessary tasks to better prepare you for caregiver responsibilities, making it easier for you to provide your loved one with the support that he or she needs.

  • Why do I need an in home care worker if I am hiring an in home health care worker?

    The answer to this depends entirely on your needs. In some cases, you do not need both. In other cases, you may need extensive assistance with housekeeping tasks or assistance with transportation that cannot be provided by your in home health care worker. At Salus, we fully outline the needs of each client on an individualized plan of care. If after reviewing your plan of care you remain unclear about the necessity of in home care assistance, please ask for clarification.

  • Will Medicare or private insurance pay for in home care services?

    In most cases, Medicare will not pay for home care services that are not considered necessary and medically prescribed. In some cases, private insurance will pay for such services. However, family members paying for these services privately should always consider the cost savings versus placement in a facility. In addition, family members should consider the financial loss they might incur if they miss work as a result of providing care on their own as opposed to bringing in a member of our agency to assist.

  • I need help with bigger housekeeping tasks and I prefer doing some things independently. Does my in home aide have to do everything?

    At Salus, a customized care plan is always created to address your individual needs, and your expressed goals and desires play a large part in creating that plan of care. Our workers schedules and duties cater to the individualized plan of care, meaning you are never bound to receiving assistance with a certain number or type of tasks. Duties will also change as you make progress or have an increased need for assistance, so you can receive more or less help with household duties, meal preparation, ADLs and transportation at any time.

  • What can an in home care worker do?

    Salus in home care workers assist with activities of daily living, general housekeeping, transportation and companionship. While all of our home care representatives are professionals in the industry with training to match their specified job duties, it is important to realize that they are not medically licensed individuals. Because of this, they cannot perform medical tasks. As an example, a Salus home care worker can remind an individual to take medications, but she cannot administer the medications.

    Salus in home care workers often assist clients with ambulation, dressing, bathing, toileting needs, transportation to medical appointments and social events, preparing meals and housekeeping tasks. Sometimes in home care professionals are simply tasked with providing companionship and ensuring safety. Each plan of care is customized to meet the specific needs of the family, and the client’s current level of independence and personal goals are always respected.

  • My loved one needs overnight or early morning assistance. Can you help us?

    Absolutely! Salus has care providers available to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will always ensure that the proper professionals are at your home, providing services when you need them.

  • Does Salus contract work out or use their own employees to provide care?

    At Salus, all home care and home health care professionals are W2 employees, none are contract workers. This allows us to fully train and supervise everyone who enters your home, as well as perform background checks on all of our employees prior to placing them with clients.

  • What’s the importance of hiring an agency accredited by the Joint Commission vs. hiring someone I find in a newspaper or on Craigslist?

    The Joint Commission is a highly respected governing body in the healthcare industry. An agency accredited by the Joint Commission must continue to meet their stringent requirements for continuity of care, documentation, safety, leadership, emergency planning and overall patient care. Salus continues to meet these requirements year after year. A care provider found on Craigslist or in the newspaper cannot make the same promises.

    In addition, a care provider hired you might hire on your own works alone. This means there is no coverage if the care provider is sick or has an emergency. That could result in you or your loved one being left alone, without necessary care, for an unspecified period of time.

    Finally, hiring a care provider from anyone except an accredited agency means that you become financially responsible for that person. You must declare that person on your taxes, assume financial risks in the event of an injury in your home and assume the costs of any background checks or other hiring screenings.

  • How can I determine the type of care I need?

    At Salus, we make it easy to determine the type of care an individual needs. Simply make one call to any one of our conveniently located offices, and the process will begin. Our qualified intake specialists will walk you through a series of questions over the phone, and an in home consultation will be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you and your loved ones. In your home, we will discuss safety concerns, post discharge requirements after a hospitalization, medical needs, you or your loved one’s current level of independence and any goals you might have. By the end of the assessment, our trained professionals will be able to make specific recommendations regarding the most beneficial services for your unique situation.

  • If I Determine That Either I Or My Loved One Needs Home Care, How Does The Process Work?

    With Salus, it takes just ONE CALL to get relief. From the moment you call us, we are providing solutions for your home care needs.

    • Salus will send a Case Manager to your home to conduct a home assessment with you and/or your loved one.
    • Based on our assessment, we devise a Plan of Care, which specifies the home care services, hours and costs.
    • Salus will draft a service agreement. Once this is signed, we will begin caregiver services for your loved one.
    • You and your family can communicate directly with the Case Manager via text, email or phone call as questions arise.
    • Salus monitors its caregivers and your loved one’s condition. If there are any changes in condition, our case manager will reassess at no extra charge.

  • What Does Accreditation For Quality By The Joint Commission Mean For Me?

    Choosing a homecare agency is not an easy decision. The Joint Commission is the leading healthcare accrediting body in the country. They exist to give consumers the satisfaction that a provider accredited by them meets the quality standards they have set. By choosing a provider accredited for quality by the Joint Commission you will be taking the stress and guesswork out of choosing the right home care provider for your loved one.

    Accreditation is based on achieving the highest levels of performance in:
    • Patient Care

    • Infection Control
• Emergency Operations
• Quality Improvement

    • Safety and Leadership

    The Joint Commission holds Salus to a higher standard of care and we voluntarily embrace this accountability.

  • Are Salus Caregivers Considered Employees And Are They Bonded And Insured?

    All caregivers at Salus Homecare are W2 employees, not independent contractors. Salus is responsible for paying withholding and payroll taxes, including Unemployment Insurance, Employment Training Tax, State Disability Insurance, Social Security and Medicare. We are also responsible for managing our employees work hours and ensuring that we comply with all state employment laws.

  • What Kind Of Training Do Your Caregivers Receive?

    Salus provides some of the highest levels of caregiving training in the industry. As part of our Accreditation for Quality by The Joint Commission, Salus has committed to meeting the training standards set by this well-respected national health care accreditation organization.

    Our training program is comprised of a full day of caregiving instruction. This course has been designed to provide the caregiver with the latest information and techniques that are essential and necessary for our home care clients’ safety and well-being. At the conclusion of this training, the caregivers are required to demonstrate their competency before they become eligible to enter a client home.

    In addition to the orientation, Salus caregivers are encouraged to attend additional in-service training seminars and other educational opportunities that are offered to all Salus employees on an ongoing basis.

  • How Soon Can We Start With Salus?

    Services can start as soon as possible. Our first step is to perform a free home care assessment where we determine your care needs. We create a Plan of Care, and then we staff the case according to your needs. After that, it is just a matter of hours before a Salus caregiver can arrive at your door, ready to assist your loved one.

  • What happens if I do not like the caregiver?

    At Salus, we consider matching each family with the appropriate care provider to be a top priority. The plan of care, skill level of the provider and individual personalities are always considered. In most cases, our clients are very satisfied with the care providers they have been matched with. However, in the unlikely event you are ever unhappy with the provider you are matched with, simply call our office to discuss the concerns. We will take the necessary steps to modify a care provider’s actions or behaviors, and a provider can also be replaced when necessary.

  • How do you ensure I always have the same care provider?

    When you are healing or in need of long term care assistance, continuity of care is essential. At Salus, we recognize this, and it is always our goal to ensure consistent and reliable care. In most cases, our clients are provided with the same caregivers on a continuous basis. When a provider is not available due to a vacation, illness or emergency, you will be notified immediately, and a backup provider will be assigned to your family until your regular provider is able to return.

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