Popular Home Care Questions

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  • Do I also need both home health and in home care?

    Many individuals only require home care or home health care, but some clients benefit when professionals from both areas step in to assist. Salus Homecare of Denver will discuss your individual needs during a comprehensive, no obligation in home consultation in order to develop a cost effective, beneficial care plan.

  • My daughter manages most of my care needs. Why should I hire an in home aide?

    Care provided by family members is often loving, supportive and effective. For some individuals, it is enough to meet all of their needs, and professional assistance is not required. For others, busy family schedules make it impossible for their loved ones to be there as often as they need them to, or they want to give their loved ones a break sometimes by enlisting the help of a professional caregiver.

  • Will my caregiver be consistent?

    Whenever possible, Salus Homecare of Denver carefully matches each client with one primary and one backup caregiver. It is our goal to foster relationships between our clients and their professional caregivers, so we work hard to maintain consistency as often as possible.

  • I need help with my medications. Can professional caregivers help me?

    Salus Homecare of Denver in home aides are respected professionals, but they do not hold medical degrees. For your safety, we do not allow them to dispense medications. Professional caregivers can remind you to take your medications at regularly scheduled times, and this service has benefitted many of our clients.

  • I enjoy completing some tasks independently. Will my caregiver prevent me from doing so?

    Salus Homecare of Denver encourages clients to remain independent while also paying close attention to any safety concerns. Our professional caregivers will assist you with only the tasks you need help with, as outlined in your individualized plan of care.

  • What will it cost me to decrease, stop or increase my services?

    It will not cost you anything at all. Salus Homecare of Denver never requires our clients to sign a contract, and we do not charge any fees for canceling, increasing or decreasing services.

  • Why should I use Salus Homecare to find my professional caregiver?

    Salus Homecare of Denver is accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission. What that means to you is that we hold our employees to a higher level of accountability for quality and safety. All of our caregivers undergo extensive interviews and background checks and are bonded and insured for your safety.

  • I plan to interview more than one home care company. What should I look for?

    Which Denver home care company you choose will impact your safety, comfort and quality of life. Take the time to ask a lot of questions including whether the company is accredited, how long they have been in business, if the company ever uses contract workers, how they screen their employees and what kind of continuing education opportunities are offered to their caregivers.

  • What is the first step if I want Denver caregiver services?

    Salus Homecare of Denver simply requires you to make one phone call to initiate services. We will then schedule a free, no obligation consultation to meet with you and determine your needs.

  • How soon can home care start?

    Once you have completed the initial consultation, services can begin as soon as you need them to.

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