Popular Home Care Questions

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  • How soon can home care services begin?

    Once you have received your free, no obligation consultation, Salus Homecare of Orange County can initiate services as soon as you need us to.

  • How do I initiate home care services?

    With just a phone call, you can begin the process of initiating caregiving services.  During that call, one of our knowledgeable staff will answer questions you may have about services and help you coordinate a free consultation with a care manager. During the consultation, we can help you determine the services that will best meet your needs.

  • Will Medicare pay for a professional caregiver?

    While Medicare does pay for some Orange County home health services, it typically will not pay for in home care. If costs are a concerning factor for your family when it comes to initiating care, please discuss this with us so we can accommodate you with a cost effective, appropriate plan of care.

  • Why should I use an agency to find an in home caregiver in Orange County?

    As an accredited home care agency, Salus Homecare of Orange County carefully screens and background checks all of our employees. This provides our clients with a level of safety and security that they often cannot find when hiring a caregiver independently. Additionally, Salus Homecare handles paying taxes, maintaining workman’s comp insurance, providing ongoing training and making accommodations for emergency care coverage when necessary. All of this is to protect the seniors we serve and give their families necessary peace of mind.

  • What happens if my needs change after I have initiated services?

    Homecare services can be modified at any time to reflect your needs.  You will maintain contact with your care manager, and she can assist you with either increasing or decreasing services as needed.  You also have the flexibility to cancel services at any time without penalty.

  • I need help with some things and not others. Does my in home aide have to do it all?

    Salus Homecare of Orange County provides individualized care to each of our clients. We can assist with as few or as many daily tasks as necessary to help you maintain your independence while keeping you as safe as possible.

  • Can my in home caregiver dispense medications?

    Caregivers with Salus Homecare of Orange County are considered non-medical professionals and are not medically licensed or trained. For that reason, caregivers are only able to assist with medication reminders. If you or your loved one needs medication management or administration, our care managers can help you coordinate those services with our licensed private duty nursing care team.

  • Will my caregiver be consistent?

    Salus Homecare of Orange County works diligently to match clients and their caregivers in order to foster strong relationships. Depending on your schedule, you can generally expect to have consistency with your primary caregiver and reliever. Should your needs change or your caregiver have a personal emergency, we are always available to provide a backup.

  • I am my loved one’s primary caregiver. How will a professional caregiver benefit me?

    Family caregivers are dedicated individuals and an important part of a senior’s care team. At Salus Homecare of Orange County, we respect their role and work with them to provide comprehensive, coordinated care. Our caregivers can be your eyes and ears when you need to be away from home, and they can provide you with important respite time so you can take care of yourself. With our help, many family caregivers experience a greater level of satisfaction, improved health and a better relationship with their loved ones.

  • I have a skilled home health aide from my home health care provider, do I still need a caregiver?

    This will depend on your individual care needs. A skilled home health aide is provided only during the time you are receiving skilled home health services in your home, and they only provide a visit for bathing. Our caregivers can provide you assistance with bathing in addition to other tasks that may be needed to keep you comfortable at home. Our case managers can help you determine what care needs are appropriate for your specific situation.

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