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  • What qualifications do Salus Homecare of San Fernando Valley’s home health professionals hold?

    Salus Homecare of San Fernando Valley employs industry leading registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and therapists. Our home health professionals are always fully screened to ensure they have received the appropriate education, training and certifications, and we provide continuing education after employment to assist in refining their skills.

  • Can home health care be ordered during a doctor’s visit, or do I have to be hospitalized?

    Salus Homecare of San Fernando Valley receives many referrals from doctors for their patients who have not been hospitalized. Your doctor can order services whenever he thinks they are appropriate, regardless of whether or not your condition necessitated a hospitalization.

  • Do you provide home health care services strictly to seniors?

    No. Salus Homecare of San Fernando Valley’s services are appropriate for adults of all ages. Our clientele consists of many individuals who are not senior citizens.

  • Will my nurse remain in my home 24 hours a day while I am signed up for services?

    In most cases, your nurse will not need to be with you around the clock. Home health nurses can often provide you with the assistance you need in a few hours a day and a few days a week. This helps to make services flexible around your normal routines and cost effective too. You will receive care for as many hours as your doctor orders, but that is seldom 24 hours a day.

  • Do home health nurses perform the same tasks as home care workers?

    No. Home health nurses are tasked with meeting your medical needs. They are licensed and trained professionals with specific skill sets. Home care workers can assist with things like meal preparation, transportation, helping clients to bathe or get dressed and other non-medical needs. Since home health professionals bill at a higher rate than home care workers, it is most beneficial for clients to use each type of care appropriately and initiate both types of services if they have varying needs.

  • Can you convince my daughter that home health care is the best option for me?

    Home health care services provide many advantages including making it possible for clients to heal or maintain their health at home and providing personalized, one on one care to each client. These services are also cost effective because you only receive the care you need and never pay for care you are not using. While this may not be enough information to convince your daughter that home health is the best choice, remember that the decision is ultimately yours to make. Discuss your goals with her. If home health care meets them, that might be just what she needs to hear to support your decisions regarding home health care.

  • Will my doctor remain involved throughout my recovery?

    Yes. Salus Homecare of San Fernando Valley will speak with your doctor and receive service recommendations from him when your services are initiated. These will be used to develop your plan of care. Additionally, we will keep him informed of any progress or setbacks you are experiencing and involve him before making any modifications to your plan of care.

  • Do you handle scheduling for your clients?

    Yes. Salus Homecare of San Fernando Valley manages all of the scheduling tasks associated with receiving in home health care. If you are receiving nursing and therapeutic services, we will coordinate the schedules for all professionals entering your home. The same holds true if you are also receiving home care or respite care. In addition, our care managers remain on call around the clock to assist with any emergency scheduling needs.

  • Does Salus Homecare keep my information confidential?

    Yes. Salus Homecare of San Fernando Valley will only share your information with others if you provide us with written consent to do so.

  • Is home health very different from hospice care?

    Home health care services and hospice share some elements, but they are very different programs with very different goals. Both offer skilled nursing and therapeutic assistance in the home environment, but hospice services are only ordered when a person is faced with a terminal illness and has a life expectancy of six months or less. The goal of hospice is pain management and supporting families during the dying process. In contrast, home health services are often put in place to assist in the healing process and help individuals to manage their health needs so they can live long, productive lives.

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