South Bay Home Care Services:

What is Home Care?

Home care services offer specialized assistance to individuals who are unable to complete ADLs and IADLs independently while still maintaining their health and safety. The ability to complete these tasks independently sometimes diminishes with age or may be permanently or temporarily impacted because of an injury, illness or medical condition.

A primary role that many Salus Homecare of South Bay professional caregivers serve is to assist seniors or individuals with disabilities in safely and effectively managing ADLs.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Oral hygiene
  • Using the restroom or managing incontinence
  • Sustaining health by consuming foods on a regular basis
  • Ambulating in or out of the home and transferring from sitting to standing / standing to sitting

In addition to assisting with ADLs, many Salus Homecare of South Bay professional caregivers help their clients to perform IADLs on a regular basis. Assisting with these tasks promotes independence and supports aging in place.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living:

  • Driving or scheduling and using public transportation
  • Cutting, cleaning, cooking and generally preparing meals
  • Managing household finances, calendars and schedules
  • Taking prescription medications safely and as prescribed
  • Shopping for personal and home items
  • Housekeeping

When families need support while caring for their loved ones, Salus Homecare of South Bay’s respite care provides it. These services help family caregivers to take time away from their normal duties and routines so that they can protect their own health and happiness.

Respite Care:

  • Makes it possible for family caregivers to hold a full or part time job outside the home
  • Offers time away for worship time, social functions and volunteering
  • Makes travel without an aging or ill loved one possible
  • Eases physical and mental exhaustion and caregiver burnout
  • Provides opportunities for socialization for care recipients

Who Benefits from Home Care?

Home care benefits people in all walks of life including seniors who need a little help and want to age in place, adults recovering from an accident or injury, individuals with disabilities, adult children caring for their parents and fragile spouses who are acting in a caregiver role for their significant others. Salus Homecare of South Bay services all of these clients and more with dignity, respect and the highest regard for their determination and independence.

Who Pays for In Home Care?

Home care services in South Bay are seldom covered by health insurance plans, Medicare or Medi-Cal, but they are a more affordable option than most assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. To make self-pay a more realistic option for our clients and their families, Salus Homecare of South Bay offers flexible scheduling and individualized care plans that specifically target each person’s exact needs.

Possible Financial Options:

  • Federal Reverse Mortgage Programs
  • Health Savings Programs
  • Caregiver Subsides
  • Trust Funds
  • Workers’ Comp Awards
  • Some Insurance

Home Care FAQs

To read more FAQs, click here. If you have any specific questions, feel free to call our 24/7 hotline at (888) 725-8742

  • Under what circumstances do I need both home care and home health services?

    Many of our clients need only home care assistance, but there are situations which necessitate hiring both a professional caregiver and a home health nurse. These might include when a client returns home from the hospital or has a chronic medical condition. If home health might be appropriate for you, this will be discussed during your free, no obligation consultation.

  • If I have family local and available to assist me, is it still beneficial to obtain in home care?

    Salus Homecare of South Bay’s professional caregivers support family caregivers. We can provide them with respite so they can step away and take care of their own needs and assist you with ADLs and IADLs that may be difficult or uncomfortable for your family members to help with. Our services are also available when your family members are out of town or unavailable for a period of time due to work or family obligations, a vacation or an injury or illness.

  • How many professional caregivers will be assigned to me?

    Many of our clients have only one professional caregiver in the home, but it is sometimes necessary to assign more than one. This could happen if one professional caregiver cannot meet your scheduling needs or when backup care is provided because your primary caregiver is taking personal time off.

6 Things To Look For When Choosing A Caregiver

Choosing the right caregiving team can be time consuming & stressfull. Here are 6 things to consider while searching for the right match:

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