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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Salus Physical Support During Hospice Care

Physical support is essential for patients seeking end of life care. By minimizing negative side effects and increasing the level of comfort, it empowers them to live a higher quality life. Salus Homecare of South Bay provides effective physical care in hospice that includes:
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Physical Hospice Support Provided:

Physical Hospice Support Provided:

  • Managing Pain and Uncomfortable Symptoms
  • Monitoring Vitals and Overall Health
  • Supportive Physical, Occupation or Speech Therapy Services
  • Coordination with Home Care Professionals for Support with Essential Daily Tasks

Hospice’s physical support is personalized and uses the right combination of medical and non-medical methods to keep pain under control and minimize uncomfortable secondary symptoms often associated with life limiting diagnoses. As with all hospice services, the intent is not to find a cure, but rather to enhance quality of life and help patients maintain their independence longer.  

Physical Support FAQ's

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You are never obligated to remain with hospice if you choose not to for any reason. While our approach is not curative, the option to stop services and resume treatment options remains available to you. The decision is always completely yours, and we encourage you to discuss it with your physician, family members and even our hospice team at any point.

Yes, your hospice care team will work with you to help you maintain your highest level of independence for as long as possible. While we will remain available to provide support and supervision as necessary, our team will listen to your cues and provide you with guidelines and modifications to keep personal care tasks safe and comfortable. As your needs change, your care plan will adapt to meet them.

Pain and symptom relief is provided by using the latest technology and medical advances. Medications are sometimes used to offer relief from pain, but they are closely monitored by your personal physician and our medical director. We also use massage, cool cloths, warm baths and physical and occupational therapy techniques to help keep you comfortable.

Other Hospice Services Salus Offers

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Emotional Care

Support and counseling to help patients and loved ones remain more positive through this challenging stage in life. Emotional support continues after a patient passes in the form of grief counseling.  

  • Counseling
  • Social Worker Case Management
  • Bereavement Counselling for Your Loved Ones
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Spiritual Care

Offers support as patients explore their own spiritual beliefs or inner thoughts related to death and dying. This support is non-denominational, non-judgmental and ideal for patients with all beliefs.

  • 1-1 Conversations With Hospice Chaplains
  • Reconnecting Clients With Their House of Worship
  • Provide Literature That Can Help Individuals Cope With Death
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