Being the parent of a medically fragile child involves coping with many challenges. In addition to meeting your child’s medical needs, you must balance work, your personal life and the needs of your spouse and other children. Trying to do this all on your own is no small feat. The good news is, help is available.

High quality pediatric home health care offers professional support to families like yours. With this service in place, your child receives safe and appropriate assistance with their medical needs long-term or short-term and in the comfort of home. The benefits of this to the child are often clear to most families. However, it’s sometimes not as easy to immediately recognize the benefits to the family unit. Salus Homecare offers the following information to help you explore those.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

When you have a medically fragile child, trips to the hospital are common. Overnight stays can be frequent, and sometimes, there’s a need to travel to a specialist outside of the area. This can be disruptive to your work schedule as well as your other children’s school schedules. Having a pediatric home care nurse or home health aide providing support can often reduce or even eliminate the need for re-hospitalization. Because of their specialized experience, they have the skills necessary to help your child avoid setbacks and recognize complications quickly, should they occur. They can also help to educate your family as to the appropriate use of equipment, making it easier for you to also provide support and keep your child safe and healthy.

Sibling Bonding

Because pediatric home health services help to keep your child at home, they support bonding between your medically fragile child and siblings. It is easier for children to feel less of a connection with a sibling who is seldom at home. Sometimes, having parents who are coping with the medical concerns of one child can also cause other children to feel resentment because the parent is often spending time away from them. Providing consistent care makes it easier for your child to remain safe and comfortable at home, and this benefits all the children in your household.

Respite for Primary Caregivers

Giving you permission to take some time away from parental duties is also empowering. When you have a child with more serious medical concerns, this can be difficult especially if you are relying on the more traditional babysitter services or friends or family to help. A pediatric nurse or home health aide provides appropriate supervision for your medically fragile child, giving you time to step away for relaxation, personal care or other needs. In turn, stress is reduced and you feel better prepared to meet the needs of your entire family.

The right home care provider can help your family with trusted pediatric homecare services that benefit you, your spouse and your children. Salus Homecare Salt Lake City is here to help, providing individualized support in the comfort of home. To learn more or get started with services, contact us today.