It’s back to school time. Children are stepping away from the comforts of home with memories from summertime events and perhaps some hesitation about starting their days earlier and getting back to the classroom routines.

While this is a fun, exciting and sometimes stressful time, for some families, the stress extends beyond wondering about the challenges of making new friends or adjusting to a new teacher. Parents of children with complex medical conditions must consider how their child will cope on their own throughout the school day, the administering of medications and if the child has the right support in place should a medical event occur. Pediatric school nursing services offers solutions to these concerns.

What are Pediatric School Nursing Services

Pediatric school nursing services are paid for by the individual school district and provide a child with one-on-one care from a specially trained nurse while the child is at school, on the bus or attending a school event off campus (such as a fieldtrip). This individualized support ensures that the child feels safe and comfortable while away from home. The child receives help with medical needs and personal care in a way that promotes confidence, independence and a better school experience.

The Advantages of Pediatric School Nursing Services

The special needs of children with chronic health conditions are complex and continuous. This is why providing them with one-on-one care throughout the school day is so important. A private pediatric school nurse plays a pivotal role in helping the family to:

  • Better cope with their child’s health status in a way that allows the child to enjoy a normal school day
  • Correctly explain medical limitations to the school team so that interventions and tools are appropriate
  • Translate the pediatrician’s orders into the school setting
  • Ensure the child receives the most effective direct care and assessment of care needs in the school environment
  • Advocate for appropriate accommodations in the educational setting

Children with complex health conditions enjoy many advantages when school nursing services are in place. They’re empowered to learn and participate in the classroom. They’re set up for higher achievement. They miss less classroom time, and the long-term impact of their health condition is often mitigated too. If your child has been diagnosed with a complex health condition and is heading back to school, this is a service worth exploring. Salus Homecare in Utah is here to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and let’s work together to develop a personalized care plan that supports your child in reaching their full potential.