October 29, 2020. For Immediate Release: Lindsey Hunter, Registered Nurse Patient Case Manager, was promoted to Utah Clinical Field Supervisor effective October 2020. Lindsey joined Salus Homecare in March of 2017. She has excelled in every service line at Salus Homecare and has fully committed to accepting every challenge and opportunity that has come her way.

Joining Salus Homecare Utah

In her own words, Lindsey explained her primary reasons for joining the Salus team.

“I joined Salus because I was searching for an opportunity to interact with patients, doctors and other clinicians in the community. Using my skillset was important to me, as was working for a company that values professionalism and offers opportunities to grow and refine my skills. I love building relationships and networking with those around me. At Salus, I’ve found a setting where I get to do what I enjoy and give back to my community every day.”

Throughout her time at Salus Homecare, Lindsey has grown personally and professionally. She has embraced the challenges of pediatric private duty nursing, home health, and hospice care in Utah. Lindsey has made several contributions to our Utah office; most notably, she represents Salus Homecare within our community, advocating for patients and families and helping to educate our professional partners about the value of our services.

Patient-Centered Care in Utah

Lindsey’s greatest attribute is her persistent commitment to delivering a patient-centered care experience to every patient we serve. Her goal is always to understand the patient’s needs, challenges and goals. She asks questions, listens attentively and displays excellent communication and case management skills as she advocates fiercely for each patient’s highest quality of life and the best outcomes possible. Lindsey listens to and advocates for her patients as she coordinates their care with Utah physicians, advanced practice nurses, community partners, and family caregivers.  When needs change, she makes changes to the care plan without delay and ensures that all services remain necessary and beneficial.

When asked about how she delivers care, Lindsey focused most on transparency and communication with the patients, as she firmly believes that listening first is at the core of a patient-centered care experience.

She states, “Transparency is so important to the patient-centered care experience. That is why I always ask that my patients are honest with me and share their questions and concerns. Some are initially hesitant or unsure about how to express their needs or ask their questions. So, I make every effort to help them to feel comfortable, giving them the time and attention they need to express themselves to the best of their abilities.”

Clinical Field Supervisor’s Role

In her role as Clinical Field Supervisor, Lindsey will assume the oversight of our Utah home health aide services. Her goal is to ensure that our services always result in the best outcomes for patients, and that our home health aides receive the training, support, and supplies they need to safely and effectively deliver personalized care across Utah.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Lindsey as a nurse on our team at Salus Homecare in Utah. We thank you, Lindsey, for all of your contributions to our company and our community; and for accepting your new role as Salus Clinical Field Supervisor.