Popular Hospice FAQs

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  • My Mom is facing a terminal illness. Should we wait for her doctor to suggest hospice or bring the subject up ourselves?

    Patients should always feel empowered to make their own health care decisions, and having a conversation with your primary care physician about hospice care can help to make that happen. In addition to discussing hospice with your doctor, it is also sometimes helpful to have a conversation about it with a trusted therapist, clergy member, friends and family.

  • What happens if I enter hospice and my condition improves?

    Patients do sometimes recover from terminal illnesses, and those who are participating in Salus Homecare’s Orange County hospice can be discharged. If necessary, Salus Homecare can continue to provide other services including in home care, in home nursing care or therapeutic services once hospice care is discontinued. Clients can also choose to be fully discharged from our care without facing any penalty.

  • Do I have to purchase any special equipment when entering hospice?

    Some clients do have a need for special equipment. If this applies to you, Salus Homecare’s Orange County medical social workers, nurses or therapists will assist you in obtaining the things you need. Medicare and private insurance often pay for this equipment as well.

  • Can my family remain involved in my care?

    Family are an integral part of a person’s support system, and they should always remain as involved in the care process as they would like to be. Salus Homecare’s Orange County hospice exists to support you and your loved ones and will never deter them from remaining involved.

  • Will Salus’ hospice care program provide me with care 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?

    Medicare and private insurance typically will not pay for 24 hour hospice care. For hours when our professionals are not in the home, we recommend supplementing with support from friends, family or volunteers. If these resources are not available to you, Salus Homecare can also arrange for additional help from our Orange County in home aides. In an emergency situation, our Care Managers and hospice team will always remain on call to assist you.

  • Will I likely die sooner because I am receiving hospice care?

    Hospice care does not do anything to hasten death or in any way postpone it. Salus Homecare’s Orange County hospice will provide you with specialized care, pain management and the benefit of our extensive wealth of knowledge throughout the dying process.

  • Must I be homebound to receive hospice care?

    There is no requirement for an individual to be homebound to receive care through Salus Homecare’s Orange County hospice. In fact, we encourage our clients to remain as active as they are safely able to and continue visiting with friends and family for as long as possible.

  • Can hospice ever cure a terminally ill patient?

    The hospice program is designed to provide support and pain management in the end stages of life. It is not designed to administer any medications or therapies to treat the condition or cure it. If an individual believes that he has not exhausted all treatment options, we encourage him to discuss this with his primary care physician and establish the best plan of care for his condition.

  • I have decided to pursue in home hospice care. Does this mean I am giving up on life?

    No. Choosing Salus Homecare of Orange County’s hospice means that you value life and want to spend every second of it surrounded by all that you love. Choosing hospice means removing yourself from the stress and worry that often surround constant hospitalizations and intensive treatments and refocusing your energy on the people and things that are important to you.

  • You said that the requirement to enter hospice is a terminal illness and life expectancy of six months or less. What if I live longer than six months?

    Living longer than six months in no way changes your hospice care. As long as your primary care physician continues to diagnose you with a terminal condition and resulting life expectancy of six months or less, Salus Homecare’s Orange County hospice can continue.

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