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Salus Symptom Management in Palliative Care

Patients sometimes experience uncontrolled and distressing symptoms after being diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Better managing these symptoms has a positive impact on quality of life, satisfaction in any curative care treatments the patient is pursuing and day to day health and longevity. Salus Homecare’s palliative care program provides this type of support.
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Symptom Management Services Provided:

Symptom Management Services Provided:

  • Pain management with medications and other medical interventions
  • Increased comfort through non-medical approaches such as massage or heat therapy
  • Anticipatory medication protocol to help patients avoid distressing symptoms
  • Nurse case management services to keep your doctor informed and involved in care

Palliative care symptom management is an effective way to better cope with difficult to control symptoms and unnecessary suffering. This support can also help you to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits or frequent hospitalizations. Through expert management, we’ll help improve your quality of life and prevent avoidable crises, making your life better every day.

Medications used in symptom management are closely monitored by a licensed nurse on the Salus Palliative Care team in consult with our medical director and your doctor. Medication doses are adjusted as necessary to ensure your safety and comfort and the most effective treatment plan.

Thank you! I wish I could have the home health team again and again! They were so professional and helpful.

Juliann McClure (Patient) Orange County March 1, 2023

Both PT and OT were very helpful in having me exercise and be sure I was ok at home. I just needed to get my strength back. This is the first time I had home care/rehab and it was very helpful. Thank you.

Jean Meadowcroft (Patient) Orange County March 1, 2023

Symptom Management FAQ's

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This can be difficult to answer as all conditions are unique and all individuals are unique too. However, some of the most common symptoms palliative care nurses see patients experience include: fatigue, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, muscle weakness and stomach distress. You may experience some, all or none of these symptoms. Whatever your personal experience is, palliative care will help you to more effectively manage them and enjoy a higher quality of life

The goal of palliative care symptom management is to find the most effective way to help you manage symptoms while minimizing any side effects. Sometimes doing this involves trying different doses of medications or entirely different medications. Rest assured, we’ll work with your doctor and carefully monitor your condition to avoid negative side effects such as exhaustion while helping you to feel better and manage the symptoms associated with your disease.

Yes, many of the medications used to manage your symptoms can be self-administered. The Salus Homecare palliative care nurses will work with you to ensure you understand proper dosing information and feel confident administering medications.

Other Palliative Care Services Salus Offers

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Curative Care

Physical and emotional support to help with the distressing side effects sometimes associated with a serious medical condition. The primary goal is to improve quality of life, but many patients also find treatment is easier to manage with curative care in place.

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Emotional Support
  • Comfort Care
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Advanced Care Planning

Advanced care planning empowers you to make decisions about care, interventions and your goals to guide treatment. Reflection and information sharing are important components in this process and help you to feel confident about your choices.

  • Social Work Case Management
  • Information Regarding Wills & Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Directive Planning
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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742