“As I journey through the intricate path of cancer treatment, the encounters I’ve had with countless healthcare professionals have painted a vivid picture of the healthcare landscape. Amidst this vast canvas, your support and compassion shine the brightest.

Your swift and timely responses, not just as a duty but as a heartfelt gesture, have often been a source of solace in moments of uncertainty. The depth of compassion you’ve shown transcends the professional boundaries, making me feel not just as another patient, but as someone truly cared for. It’s abundantly clear that Salus Home Health’s reputation is elevated by dedicated Clinical Managers like you. Your commitment isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about making genuine, impactful differences in the lives of those you touch.

As I continue on this journey, I genuinely hope and seek further support from Salus Home Health. Knowing there are individuals like you at its helm gives me great confidence and comfort.

In closing, Kimberly, I want to convey my deepest gratitude. As I battle each day, the warmth of your care and the strength of your support serve as vital reminders that I’m not alone in this fight.” – Tan P., Salus Home Health Patient 

Our home care, home health and hospice care teams frequently receive notes like this from patients and family caregivers. They are a testament to what spreading kindness through compassionate care means. After receiving this particular message, we asked Clinical Manager Kimberly Tulley, BSN, RN to share her perspective on his kind words. These are her thoughts on working in home health and hospice care and supporting her patients. 

Her comments seem particularly fitting for World Kindness Day. They offer a sincere glimpse of how Kimberly and our professional care teams deepen relationships and connect with our patients through kindness. 


Question: Can you provide some information about your position as Clinical Manager with Salus? 

Kimberly: I have been with Salus Home Health since 2011, working both in home health and hospice. I started as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) with the company and have worked my way to a registered nurse (RN) and completed my bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). This was all accomplished with support from Salus. 

I am currently the Orange County Home Health Clinical Manager and have been in this position since October 2016. I have more recently added on managing a hospice team in Orange County to my role as well. 

Question: What about your background in home health and hospice care? What called you to this career choice?

Kimberly: I always knew that I would be a nurse and work in home health or hospice. That is what my mom had done my entire life growing up. In fact, she still works with us! I got to see first-hand how rewarding spreading kindness through compassionate care could be both personally and for the patients in my care. 

Question: Let’s shift to this patient. He mentioned how you showed compassion and transcended professional boundaries. Can you elaborate on how you did that?

Kimberly: You know, it is interesting to me that the patient feels like I transcended professional boundaries. For me, I just try to show kindness and do what is best for every patient. 

I am a nurse first and foremost. Along with quality, safety and professional accountability, I value building relationships, spreading kindness through compassionate care and meeting patients where they are. This allows me to provide the very best care experience. That is what I tried to do for him. 

I recognized the human side, not the business side. Honestly, I feel like our CEO says it best, “We are here to bless lives, so let’s do that the best way we can.” 

Question: Care Planning is such an important part of the patient experience. What is your role in this? 

Kimberly: As the Hospice and Home Health Care Clinical Manager,  I don’t get to develop care plans much. The clinicians in the field do that. However, I do make sure that the field clinicians have developed a well rounded care plan that addresses all areas of the patient’s challenges, needs and goals. 

Treating the whole patient is always essential to good care planning, and it is part of how we spread kindness through compassionate care. Salus is blessed to have wonderful clinicians who put the patients first and look at the whole patient. I get the pleasure of working with and helping to guide them.  

Question: On a personal level, what do you love most about your role as Home Health and Hospice Clinical Care Manager? 

Kimberly: The thing that I enjoy most about my position is training and working with the clinicians. My job satisfaction comes from having a strong clinical team that provides excellent, compassionate care to every patient. Our clinical team is a big part of what makes Salus Home Health stand apart and ahead of the competition. Every day, they spread kindness through compassionate care. The families and patients we care for certainly realize this too.  


Question: Any closing comments, about this patient, home health care or your role with Salus?

Kimberly: This home health patient was a joy to work with, he was a wonderful advocate for himself. While every patient and home health care experience is unique, they are all special in their own ways. I love what I do, the challenges we face and the compassionate ways in which our care teams work together to overcome them. 

For more information about Salus Home Health and Hospice’s compassionate care model, contact us anytime.