People are born with a kind of unconditional love for their mothers. It is biological and something so base in humanity that it simply cannot be overridden. Mothers have massive impacts on the lives of their children, but exactly how big is that impact over the course of generations?

Information is Lost Quickly

If it is not recorded, the information of a family will be completely lost within three generations. This is why most people will know a lot about their grandparents, but very little about their great-grandparents. Any sociologist would say that upbringing and family history are key aspects of human development, and much of that information is passed down through mothers.

As stories are told and shared, the bond between a family grows closer. There is a connection that people find in their common ancestors, and in most households, the mother is the one telling these stories. Another important factor is that this chain of familial history also allows traditions to be passed down.

Family Traditions and Their Importance

Traditions, particularly of the familial variety, can have a huge impact on bonding. Doing the same ritual year by year ingrains something into the mind of those that do it and help bring a family unit closer together. This is why it has been observed that families that eat together once a week are closer; it is not only spending time together, but the tradition of doing so.

This also helps give people a sense of identity. Doing the same things that their ancestors did can give people a feeling of being connected to these people, regardless of whether or not they ever met them. People are naturally inclined to be close to their ancestors and traditions give them a means to achieve that closeness.

Passing Down the Stories

If these stories are of such vital importance, how can they be passed down through the generations? The answer is simple; write it down. Not everything, most young adults don’t want to read a diary of a great-great-grandmother. Just pass down the information. If there was a soldier in the family, let the future generations know. Things like occupations, family trees, and medical history can be invaluable assets for the upcoming generation in feeling connected to their past.

Honoring the Storytellers

Mothers are responsible for so much of familial identity and that job should be respected and honored not only in words, but through actions. As mothers grow older, they often lose some of their independence. That is why the dedicated professionals at Salus Homecare are dedicated to ensuring that aging mothers are happy and taken care of.

Each mother is unique, and so each mother’s needs are equally special. Whatever is required, be it checking in once a day or more frequent care, Salus Homecare is ready to give back to the mothers that have given their knowledge to the new generation. Salus Homecare understands how important history is, so there is no trying to move mothers out of their family homes. They can stay right where they are and receive the top quality care, because they deserve it for all that they have done.