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After receiving a life-limiting diagnosis and making the difficult decision to discontinue curative treatments, staying positive and understanding your purpose in life are both so valuable. A trusted hospice team surrounds you with the physical, emotional and spiritual support your family needs to feel at peace and remain focused on enjoying time together and all that matters most in life.

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My physical therapist was kind, polite, well trained. He explained the reasons why certain exercises were beneficial. He recommended knee braces and what kind were best for and I am currently using them daily. They are very helpful. I am grateful for the Salus agency. Thank you.

Gloria C Riverside County Dec 1, 2023

The RN and LVNs, who are my wound care nurses, are the epitome of what a caring, compassionate nurse should be. They were all AMAZING! My wound surgeon, who does not impress easily, is impressed with the LVN. Special kudos should go to these wonderful clinicians!

Suzanne S Riverside County Nov 2, 2023
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A Life-Limiting Diagnosis Has Me Feeling Anxious and Afraid

When faced with a life-limiting condition for which a cure is not anticipated, it’s common to feel anxious and afraid. Loved ones play a vital role in helping you cope with the diagnosis and providing support, but they also may be experiencing their own pain and can often feel uncertain about their new role and what’s ahead. Having a reliable team of professionals beside you makes it easier to manage pain and helps you to feel more confident pondering questions, making amends with loved ones and contemplating what it means to face unique challenges as the end of life nears. Ultimately, this empowers you to enjoy life more while you spend more time focusing on family, friends and everything that matters most to you.

Salus Hospice provides team-oriented, holistic support after a life-limiting diagnosis and when you have a life expectancy of six months or less. It neither rushes nor delays death and is always centered around compassion and helping you feel dignified in making the unique choices that feel right for you. Our goal is to minimize pain and discomfort while offering essential emotional and spiritual care expressly tailored to your needs and goals. Support is also provided to your loved ones, helping your family to worry less and you to live fully and comfortably for all the time you have left.

How Salus can Help You Face the Challenges of a Life-Limiting Illness

Hospice at Home in Riverside County

A terminal diagnosis comes with a variety of emotions including fear, acceptance, anxiety and relief. At this time in life, compassionate care is essential, as is the professional support from an accredited Riverside County hospice care team. Having this type of support makes it easier to live free from pain so that you have more time to focus on the people and things that you love the most. As part of your support network, Salus Homecare of Riverside County’s hospice provides spiritual, emotional and physical assistance, empowering you to live each day to the fullest. With the help of our Riverside County interdisciplinary care team, experiencing a sense of dignity and realizing your personal goals becomes easier, providing relief to you and your family members.

What is hospice care and what are its purposes?
Hospice care affirms life and regards dying as a normal part of life's processes. It provides comfort and pain and symptom management; Helps patients to maintain comfort and quality of life during the end stages of a terminal illness for which opportunities for a cure have been exhausted or curative measures are no longer desired; offers care for physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Hospice improves the quality of life for both the patient and their family members.
Why should I choose hospice care at home?
Hospice care at home empowers you to remain in the comfort of a familiar environment, surrounded by the people and things that you love the most after the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Hospice patients typically forgo curative treatments and instead focus on remaining comfortable and pain-free while they spend time with family caregivers, have meaningful conversations and make final decisions peacefully.
If I begin hospice care and my condition improves, what happens next?
It is sometimes possible for a patient to recover from a terminal illness. Should that happen to a patient on hospice care, the patient can easily be discharged from care. When appropriate, Salus might suggest home care, home health or palliative care as an alternative. If the patient wishes to return to hospice care at a later time, there is no penalty.
Will I need special medical equipment while in hospice care?
This question is not easy to answer without assessing your condition and needs. However, if medical equipment is needed, your Riverside County hospice social worker, nurse or therapist will make any necessary referrals and help you in obtaining it. In most cases, necessary medical equipment is covered under Medicare or private insurance.
Will my family have to step away from providing care and support?
No, Salus Hospice of Riverside County encourages family caregiver involvement to whatever extent you are comfortable with. We will provide support and training to ensure your family caregivers are prepared to provide pain management and other hospice care and receive the respite time they need to step away and continue meeting their own needs without compromising your health or safety.
Is hospice care an around the clock service?
Medicare and private insurance typically will not cover 24-hour hospice care in Riverside County, and that level of care is often unnecessary too except perhaps in the final days and hours of life. Friends, family members and volunteers can often provide supplemental support when professional hospice team members are not in your home. Salus Hospice can also arrange supplementary in home care if you choose. These options can all be discussed when we sit down together and create your personalized hospice plan of care.
Does accepting hospice care mean I will die soon?
Hospice care does not hasten or postpone death in any way. The support you’ll receive with this service provides comfort, pain management and reassurance from a professional team that can improve quality of life for whatever time you have left.
Is it a requirement that a person be homebound while receiving hospice care?
Many patients are homebound while receiving hospice care in Riverside County, but this is by no means a requirement. In fact, we encourage you to stay connected to your community and continue to enjoy the things you love most for as long as possible.
Will hospice care provide me with a cure for my disease?
Hospice care cannot cure your disease, and that is not the intent of the program. It is designed to provide support and comfort in the end stages of life. While on hospice care in Riverside County, curative treatments are discontinued and the focus shifts to pain management and comfort measures.
I am ready to pursue hospice care, but I’m not ready to give up on life. Is that okay?
Yes, it’s absolutely okay. We encourage you to enjoy every moment you have left and our professional hospice team wants to provide the support necessary to improve quality of life. Choosing hospice means removing the stress, worry and anxiety involved in constant trips to the hospital or ineffective curative treatments and refocusing your energy on the people and things that matter most to you.
Who is involved in the delivery of hospice care?
Your interdisciplinary team will include hospice doctors, nurses, therapists, a chaplain and medical social workers. Your primary care physician will also always remain involved as we develop an effective plan of care.
Is a physician's order required for hospice care?
Yes, you must have an order from your doctor stating that you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and your life expectancy is six months or less if the disease follows its normal course. Hospice patients can live longer than six months, and services are not discontinued as long as the physician continues to deem them necessary and beneficial.
How do I get started?
At Salus we are "Always There" and provide the patient and family caregivers with choices across the continuum of care. If you are in need of hospice care at home, simply call us, and we can discuss your options, contact your physician and assess you for services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Not taking your medications can lead to increased pain and discomfort when you're faced with a life-limiting illness. Stopping maintenance medications for blood pressure, cholesterol or other health concerns without medical approval can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Yes, many medication errors can be prevented with the right training for you and your family caregivers. Additionally, using a pill box, a pill timer, apps and other tools can make it easier to appropriate manage and administer medications. In some cases, your hospice nurse will administer all of your medications. However, our goal is to help you remain independent and also support the family caregivers who want to assist with your care. As part of our effort to reach that goal, we will provide you with training and support in self-administering medications or having a family member assist with medication management and administration as appropriate. Salus care plans do not discontinue maintenance medications unless it is your choice to do so or there are specific reasons why your primary physician recommends that they be discontinued. Quality of life is enhanced in most cases when maintenance medications are continued. Guidelines provided by Medicare, Medicaid, the VA and most insurance companies prohibit our nurses from completing most daily tasks. However, our volunteers can sometimes assist with certain daily tasks. Your specific needs will be addressed as we develop your plan of care, and we will work with you and your family to find solutions and ensure they are met. Hospice care is holistic and includes physical support (which is inclusive of pain management / medication management), emotional support and spiritual support. Your care plan will be inclusive of all three. As part of the emotional support our professional care team provides, we also offer bereavement counseling and services to your loved ones after you have passed. If curative treatments resume, hospice care is discontinued. However, there are no penalties for making this choice, and you can choose to again resume hospice care at some point in the future if the need arises.

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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742