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In Home Therapeutic Services in Riverside

In home therapy improves outcomes and return you to your highest level of independence after a medical event. The goal is to provide you with tools and support as you work to regain independence.
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In Home Therapy in Riverside Provides:

In Home Therapy in Riverside Provides:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Therapeutic programs help individuals to regain independence, confidence and strength after a medical event. For patients with more permanent limitations, services are adaptive and teach new skills that make living independently easier. Therapists often also suggest home modifications that compliment therapy and help to create a safer, more comfortable home environment.

One of the most effective ways to deliver these services is through Salus Homecare’s in home therapeutic care in Riverside. At-home speech, occupational and physical therapists come to your home, making it possible to see the benefits of these important programs without having to schedule times and travel to a facility. In home therapy also helps family caregivers to feel confident and involved and gives the therapists valuable opportunities to help families to overcome challenges within the home.

My physical therapist was kind, polite, well trained. He explained the reasons why certain exercises were beneficial. He recommended knee braces and what kind were best for and I am currently using them daily. They are very helpful. I am grateful for the Salus agency. Thank you.

Gloria C Riverside County Dec 1, 2023

The RN and LVNs, who are my wound care nurses, are the epitome of what a caring, compassionate nurse should be. They were all AMAZING! My wound surgeon, who does not impress easily, is impressed with the LVN. Special kudos should go to these wonderful clinicians!

Suzanne S Riverside County Nov 2, 2023

Riverside Therapeutic Nursing Care FAQ's

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Yes. Our Riverside County licensed speech therapists work with patients every day helping them to improve articulation. This allows many to feel more confident when communicating with others and expressing their thoughts.

It’s difficult to watch a loved one struggle to complete important every day tasks, but we’re here to help. Our Riverside County occupational therapy can help your dad to improve the skill set that he already has and struggle less to complete these tasks as well as teach him alternate methods for completing them.

An important part of physical therapy is training, and it is always our goal to teach simple and safe exercises that patients can then do on their own or with the help of a loved one or professional caregiver. Our physical therapists will ensure that your mom understands the activities and how to conduct them safely and modify them as necessary to enhance their effectiveness and her confidence.

Other Home Health Services Salus Offers

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Short Term Home Health in Riverside County

Post-hospital discharge or illness recovery medical care provided for a few days, weeks, or months. Care reduces opportunities for readmissions and makes recovery faster and easier at home.

  • Reduced Repeat Hospitalization
  • Lowered Risk of Secondary Injury
  • Recovery in the Comfort of Home
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Long Term Home Health in Riverside County

More permanent healthcare solutions that promote independence, maximize quality of life and make it safer and more comfortable for an individual to remain at home while managing a chronic health condition.

  • Vital Signs & Medication Monitoring
  • Reduced Instances of Falls & Hospitalizations
  • Support for Family Caregivers
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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742