There is a serious problem with our elderly. They are suffering from senior isolation, a phenomenon that leads to severe health problems. Human beings are social creatures, and we require regular interaction with others if we are to remain well adjusted, happy, and healthy. Our seniors aren’t getting that chance.

At Salus Homecare, we are on a mission to end senior isolation. Here are ten ways you can help.

Get Them Involved In Senior Activities

There are a number of activities at recreation centers, churches, and in senior communities designed to give older people a chance to get out and socialize. These could be card or board games, karaoke nights, gathering to watch sporting events, or any other number of things.

Find Them a Fuzzy Companion

Companion pets are becoming a very popular option for senior patients who need someone to look after. Cats, dogs and even birds are prescribed by physicians, and given a pass in housing that doesn’t usually allow pets. There are also programs to help with the costs of caring for those animals.

Give Them Something Helpful To Do

Whether it is getting them involved in a community garden, or having them knit winter items for children in need, giving them a helpful task can give seniors a sense of purpose. This can combat much of the depression related to isolation.

Provide Reliable Transportation

Most seniors as they age cannot safely drive, especially if they have health conditions. Giving them a way to go to events they are interested in, or just get to doctors appointments and the store, can make a big difference in their lives.

Invite Young Visitors To Volunteer Their Time

There are high schools all over the country that are looking for volunteer opportunities for their students. Contact the ones nearby and invite their students to come spend time with seniors.

Get Them Involved In Volunteer Work

The seniors themselves can also take part in volunteer work. There are programs in Newborn Intensive Care Unites, for example, where seniors come to help with the premature babies.

Encourage Them To Contact Family

If they have family, they may feel that they are a burden and be reluctant to contact them. Encourage them to do so, and assure them that they are loved, not a burden.

Throw Parties and Events For Other Seniors

Having an occasional party where they can mingle with other seniors is a good way for them to make friends, and get out of their homes.

Get Them Moving

Physical activity is an incredibly important part of a senior remaining healthy. Invite them to join walking groups, low impact aerobics classes, or water aerobics.

Suggest a Senior Living Community

Senior living communities are a great way for seniors to regularly interact with others, and to live somewhere that is somewhat monitored in case a medical emergency occurs.

Combat Senior Isolation, Protect Our Aging Population!

We have an ever increasing population, and it is up to us to protect their interests and health. Battling loneliness is an important part of that task. We have to work today to save our seniors tomorrow.

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