Most people think of eating disorders as diseases that only affect young people, but older adults are impacted by them too. When the disorders present, they often go undiagnosed and bring with them unique problems exclusively applicable to seniors.

Eating Disorders Explained

The first step in recognizing and treating eating disorders in San Fernando seniors is understanding what they are. Eating disorders are serious conditions that impact a person’s mental, social and physical health. They include bulimia, anorexia and binge eating and cause individuals to have a distorted view of the foods they are eating. Seniors with eating disorders will typically follow one of two paths. They either overeat, usually in private, or they reduce their intake of food to extremely low and dangerous levels.

In seniors, eating disorders are less likely to be caused by societal pressure to keep the perfect appearance and body and more likely to be caused by depression, anxiety, loneliness or extreme introversion. Eating disorders can also be triggered by a history of physical or sexual abuse especially when such concerns have not been properly addressed through counseling and other forms of therapy.

Eating Disorders and Seniors – Unique Problems

Because of the role that age plays in how people cope with health conditions, eating disorders present a unique set of problems in seniors. When food intake is not properly managed, almost every system in the body suffers, and this can lead to concerns including high blood pressure, spikes or drops in blood sugar and blood pressure, cognitive decline and exasperated osteoporosis, gastric problems or cardiac concerns. San Fernando seniors will often fail to seek help when these problems present, and this often leads to lost mobility, a reduced sense of independence and even death.

The Importance of Support

When it comes to managing and controlling eating disorders in seniors, one of the biggest necessities is a higher level of support. When friends, families and San Fernando in home care professionals provide support and encouragement, seniors are better able to cope with their conditions, eat a more balanced diet and seek medical help when necessary. A higher level of support also provides seniors with purpose in life, and this can improve their mood, decrease feelings of depression and make seniors less likely to relapse into eating disorders that may have been present in their younger years. Seniors who receive San Fernando in home aide service also have the advantage of an extra set of eyes and ears in the house. These professionals are better able to detect changes in eating patterns that may indicate an eating disorder and make family members and the senior’s primary care physician aware of any setbacks or concerns.

Acknowledging that eating disorders are present in the senior population and identifying the special concerns that they bring to members of this population improves lives. For families who have concerns about their senior loved ones, enlisting the help of a professional San Fernando in home caregiver often offers the solutions they are searching for. At Salus Homecare San Fernando, we work with seniors everyday to improve their lives and help them to remain independent. Our care plans are individualized, comprehensive and constantly reviewed to ensure that our clients’ needs are met with compassion and dignity. To learn more, give us a call and schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

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