Many people understand the health and comfort benefits of recovering at home, but the cost benefits are not always so clear. In the United States, there is a growing epidemic where patients are discharged from the hospital and later return for re-admission. This costs programs like Medicare and private insurance upwards of $26 billion per year and results in hospitals being penalized under new guidelines set by the Affordable Care Act. While some of these re-admissions cannot be prevented, many can, and the path to preventing them involves helping individuals to transition back home in a safe and healthy manner.

The Help Seniors Need Post Discharge

Sometimes post-hospitalization care is simple and involves a little extra help sorting through the bottles of new medications that have been prescribed or assistance with household tasks and activities of daily living. In other instances, patients benefit from wound care management, help with ostomy bags, IV therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy. Many are surprised to find that this type of care is available at home, and admission to a facility is not necessary in order to receive it.

Why Seniors are Reluctant to Seek Help

After a hospital discharge, seniors especially are often reluctant to accept help from anyone except the closest family members. Some are uninformed about the services available in their areas, some do not understand information provided to them and others perceive that extra assistance is unnecessary. When in home care and other related services are implemented, however, the number of hospital re-admissions decreases, and many seniors are able to resume living independently at home.

Helping Seniors to Understand the Benefits of Post Discharge In Home Care

The best way to assist seniors in accepting the help they need post-discharge is by explaining their options and the benefits of accepting care. Seniors also often benefit by forming relationships with the professional in home aides, in home nurses or in home therapists who will be providing care. Finally, many seniors find comfort when their family members and primary care doctor remain involved in and aware of the care they are receiving and continue to play a part in developing and updating care plans as necessary.

Additional Financial Benefits

When seniors do make the decision to get the help they need to recover at home after a hospitalization, it is not just Medicare and insurance companies that benefit financially. Family members often feel more secure in returning to work when they know their loved ones are being cared for, and they are also able to reduce the number of hours they have to take off to return to their loved one’s hospital bedside if a re-admission occurs. Even family members who act as their loved one’s primary caregiver post-discharge benefit financially from respite programs offered by many in home care providers in the form of nursing assistance or in home aides.

The recovery process post-discharge is sometimes complicated, but quality in home care providers offer assistance that reduces the number of hospital re-admissions and saves taxpayers and families money. At Salus Homecare San Fernando Valley, our primary goal is always to enhance the lives of the clients we serve, but secondary to this goal, we realize the financial benefits that our services provide. With our nationally accredited in home care, therapy and in home nursing programs, many seniors are able to recover faster and remain safe throughout their recovery process, providing their families with peace of mind and reducing their changes of hospital re-admission. Our services can begin as soon as an individual returns home, and our consultations can be arranged at the hospital bedside whenever necessary. If you are concerned about regaining your independence after a hospitalization, give us a call. At Salus Homecare San Fernando Valley, our team of caring professionals are here to help and always available for a free, no obligation consultation.

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