After a patient is diagnosed with a terminal illness, family conversations often shift to considerations about all that comes next. There are questions about finances, options for treatments, hospice care, end of life planning. Many families also discuss where the individual will spend their final months and days, given the level of care and support that a person with a terminal illness needs. While returning home is often the preferred choice, it’s not an option for every patient. This is the reason behind the creation of The Heavenly Home.

About Heavenly Home

The Heavenly Home in Mission Viejo will provide a new option to hundreds of hospice patients in Orange County, CA. It is a first-of-its-kind, non-profit, end-of-life care home in Orange County. It offers six bedrooms and a home-like setting to those who need it most. Providing physical and spiritual support, the Heavenly Home’s goal is comfort and personalized hospice caregiving at the end of life. Dignity and trust are central to the caring and professional staff, and the patient’s focus shifts to the things that matter most. Patients make memories, spend time together and reflect with family and friends.

Meeting Unique Needs of Hospice Patients

The Heavenly Home meets the unique needs of each resident. The setting foster memories, encourages reflection, and provides the gift of comfort and time together. Compassionate, professional staff provide daily care and offer companionship and support in a home-like setting.

The Heavenly Home Open House Event


Salus Hospice is proud to partner with the Southern California Hospice Foundation and Essence Hospice to introduce Orange County hospice providers to the Heavenly Home. Our goal is to share more information about the home’s mission, and provide details about Heavenly Home’s residential hospice care services in Orange County. Please join us on July 7, 2021 from 11am-1pm for this fun and informative event. The event is also slated to provide details about the Preserving Dignity Campaign. This is your way to get involved and help bring The Heavenly Home to life.

Please RSVP for this important event by contacting [email protected]. Contact us with questions about hospice care or for more information about caring for a loved one at home at the end of life. We are always here to help.