What does a quality hospice care experience look like? It goes far beyond managing pain for an individual with a terminal illness. It is an experience that positively impacts the entire family and helps clients reach their personal goals. Families discover peace and enjoy a loving and, at times, even uplifting environment that helps everyone involved to continue enjoying the highest quality of life.

Debbie Robson,RN, BSN, MBA-HCM, ACHE and Vice President of Hospice and Home Health Services for Salus Homecare reflected on the goals of Salus Hospice,“It is always our desire to create an environment of wellness and healing for every family we have the honor of serving; to leave them standing stronger than they were before we entered their lives. We recognize the journey is never easy, and it may take unexpected turns. By caring for our families as we would our own, we hope to make a difference through education, encouragement and support.”

Recently, a family shared some thoughts about their care experience with us. Testimonials like this one leave us feeling emotional and proud of our exceptional team. They speak volumes about the benefits of hospice care. We are honored to share their experience with you.

A Loving Family Gathers

“As our large family gathered around our beloved dad, at Mission Hospital after his advanced care directives had been updated, we were determined to bestow as much love, cheer, and outstanding care upon him as he had always given us. It would be our third experience with hospice on behalf of loved ones this year. We had appreciated the support of two other providers but were understandably weary. The hospital discharge planner highly recommended Salus Hospice to us.”

Meeting Our Community Liaison

This family’s experience began with a meeting with one of our Community Liaisons, the person responsible for managing referrals to hospice care and educating families about the benefits of this service. She walked into the room and immediately realized that this family, like all families, needed to feel comfortable and confident with their care choice. She smiled, greeted the family and maintained a presence of enthusiasm and support. Their father was evaluated, and a care plan was developed with full input from the family and their father as well as the medical professionals involved in his care.

The family spoke highly about their experience with our Community Liaison,”Her enthusiasm for personalizing a care plan that would both optimize the quality of such precious days with an evolving care plan (that would change as our father’s needs changed) was of such assurance to us all.”

Going Home

Next, we helped the family move their father back home and comfortably settle him in with necessary resources. Patient-centered care is pivotal to making the move home from the hospital positive for a hospice patient. Salus Homecare Orange County coordinates all the necessary equipment and arranges for essential medications. Additionally, we empower families by surrounding them with loving support.

“Seamlessly, Dad’s nurse, so competently caring and professional, arranged for transport home and spent hours personalizing a care plan, arranging for medical equipment, team members, and medications. We were so grateful to welcome the Salus Homecare social worker into the home and have all the benefits of the social/emotional support that she would so generously and continually become a resource for. Dad so looked forward to the CHHA’s visits for bathing. He connected with Dad, and his special skills were immensely appreciated.”

Reliable, Compassionate Hospice Care

In the days to come, the family had the opportunity to meet with other members of our hospice team. They spent time with the chaplain, our nurses and social workers, and the entire experience was overseen by our medical director. They quickly realized that the attributes our Community Liaison presented carried over to every professional on our team that they interacted with. Each brought compassion, empathy, patience, hope and honest concern for their father’s needs and goals into the room.

Finding Peace After Loss

In time, this family experienced the loss of their father. They did so knowing that he left peacefully, surrounded by loved ones and having had the opportunity to enjoy every moment surrounded by the people and things he cherished most. We hope this brought them a sense of peace and accomplishment – perhaps even pride – as they considered the role that they played in making this experience possible for him.

A Different View of Hospice

Quality hospice care empowers families to view final days in a different way and focus more on joy and love. We are honored to have been a part of this experience and wish the family solace and comfort as they move forward to the next stage of their lives.

The family ended their testimonial with an uplifting message. “My daughter and I were recently leaving a medical appointment when we ran into your Community Liaison, Salus briefcase in hand, walking into an oncology office. After we effusively greeted her, my daughter shared… “Some fortunate patient and their family is just about to be blessed beyond ANYthing they could ever imagine!”

If you are coping with a loved one’s terminal diagnoses, we are here to help you find peace and acceptance too. Contact us anytime to ask questions or schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation.