Grandma’s well-worn and much loved nightgown, a reminder of special hugs given to beloved granddaughters as they cuddled safely in her lap. What a blessing it is for these children to close their eyes, squeeze a soft bear, and forever feel close to these moments. 

That’s the blessing that a memory bear provides. 

The simple act of seeing and touching this special forever friend brings back treasured moments. These beautiful children enjoy the memories of a warm hug and the love that only a grandma can give. 

What is a Memory Bear


Memory bears are gifts of love for many hospice families. They serve as a special way to preserve important moments in life after a loved one passes away. The bears are meticulously handcrafted by our dedicated hospice volunteers, people like Lisa Hernandez, . They are then gifted to surviving family members in the early stages of the bereavement process. 

Each memory bear is crafted with skill and love, using a sentimental item, oftentimes clothing. This transforms a no longer used nightgown, t-shirt or sweater into a tactile keepsake that blesses a family throughout the grieving process. The bear also serves as a treasured family heirloom, easily passed down for generations to come. 

A Special Gift of Love


Hospice volunteer Lisa Hernandez crafted this memory bear. It held special meaning for our team because it was a gift to one of our own, Salus Hospice social worker Myrna Vargas-Evert, her wife Becky and their two beautiful children. Lisa poured love into the memory bear through each stitch and every ounce of stuffing. Her goal was to craft something to serve as the perfect keepsake for these beautiful children. The gift was theirs to hold as they remembered their grandmother.

While we can’t remove the pain from their loss, it is our hope that snuggling with this bear will help ease their hurting hearts. The children’s memory bear serves as a cuddly reminder of a special woman who helped to shape their lives. 

We wish these children, and this family blessings of love and happiness as they move forward with their lives. Our hospice team will continue to support them in the months to come and throughout the bereavement process.