Depression is both an early indicator of Parkinson’s disease and a consequence of it. It often predates the loss of motor functioning and many of the other side effects of Parkinson’s. When depression presents, it is important to seek a medical diagnosis early in order to increase treatment options. Effectively dealing with depression helps seniors to improve overall health and better cope with Parkinson’s.

Recognizing Depression Early

Recognizing depression early is not always easy. Many of the symptoms that indicate a Pasadena senior may be dealing with this mental health condition are subtle and include things like loss of energy, slowed mental and physical response time and a lack of interest in favorite activities. However, if left undiagnosed, depression can quickly consume an individual and exasperate many of the associated physical and mental health symptoms that are associated with Parkinson’s.

Pasadena Interventions for Depression and Parkinson’s

When depression is diagnosed in a Pasadena senior with Parkinson’s, there are some interesting therapeutic options available that can be quite effective. For most seniors, the first option that physicians will try is cognitive behavioral therapy blended with the use of one or more medications that inhibit serotonin in the brain. More recent therapies that have proven beneficial also include deep brain stimulation that involves surgically inserting electrodes into the brain. Scientists have come a long way in developing and perfecting this strategy, and it is much less invasive than it once was. While still in the trial stage, this surgical option has shown some success in helping individuals to control their depression, tremors and even suicidal ideations.

The Importance of a Higher Level of Support

In addition to seeking the advice of a physician and initiating medical interventions when necessary, seniors with Parkinson’s and depression also benefit from a higher level of support. This might come in the form of family assistance or professional Pasadena in home aide services. With a higher level of assistance and regular companionship, many seniors can reduce or overcome their depression, and sometimes this happens without the need for additional medications or therapies. Additionally, professional Pasadena caregivers can provide respite care for families to ease the burden that Parkinson’s often places on them, and this improves relationships and increases opportunities for overcoming feelings of depression.

If you or a loved one are experiencing earlier indicators of depression or Parkinson’s disease, see a medical professional for a diagnosis and to initiate treatment as soon as possible. If you have already been diagnosed or feel like a little extra help would benefit your health and your family, call on the professionals at Salus Homecare San Gabriel Valley. Our fully trained, compassionate and empathetic in home aides provide individualized care to Pasadena seniors with Parkinson’s. By giving us the opportunity to join your support team, we can help you to realize a higher level of independence and a happier state of mind by meeting your needs with dignity and respect. To learn more about our flexible, award winning care programs in Pasadena, give us a call today and schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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