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What is Home Care?


Home care includes a variety of services that help individuals to remain at home when chronic health conditions or the aging process make it difficult for them to otherwise do so safely. Professional caregivers might assist with activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, supervision or by providing respite care for the family.

Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley’s professional caregivers are available to assist with many tasks, including activities of daily living (ADLs).

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Oral Health Care
  • Ambulating on flat ground and up or down stairs
  • Transfers
  • Housekeeping and laundry tasks
  • Eating
  • Toileting

Even when clients can independently manage some or all of their ADLs, there are other tasks that must be completed regularly in order to safely remain in the community. These are known as instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living:

  • Using the telephone
  • Responsibly managing bills
  • Maintaining a household
  • Shopping / running errands
  • Finding a reliable mode of transportation
  • Preparing meals

When family members are available to assist with an individual’s care needs, the benefits are substantial for that person, but the family caregiver may experience episodes of depression, stress or anxiety. To prevent these concerns, respite care is often advised.

Respite Care:

  • Gives family caregivers the time they need to take care of their own needs
  • Provides a break from regular caregiver duties for an aging spouse or adult child
  • Makes it easier for families to remain financially stable by making it possible for caregivers to hold a job
  • Provides care recipients with opportunities to socialize while their loved ones are away
  • Assists with ADLs and IADLs which may be uncomfortable for some family members to perform

Who Benefits from Home Care?

Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley has professional caregivers available to assist almost anyone. Our clients include seniors with a goal of aging in place, adults returning home from the hospital and anyone who needs extra assistance with ADLs and IADLs short term, long term or on an intermittent basis.

Who Pays for In Home Care?

Home care services in San Gabriel Valley typically are not covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, VA benefits or private health insurance unless they are medically prescribed. Even when services are covered, it is usually for a limited period of time or a specific number of hours and visits. In most cases, families will self-pay for home care, and they often find value in the money they spend because it is less expensive than institutional care and supports their loved one’s goal of remaining at home or aging in place.

Options for Funding Home Care:

  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Health Dollars and Savings Plans
  • Caregiver Stipends offered by larger companies
  • Cashing out Trust Funds
  • Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim
  • Investing in Long Term Care Insurance

Homecare FAQs

To read more FAQs, click here. If you have any specific questions, feel free to call our 24/7 hotline at (888) 725-8742

  • Under what circumstances must I hire both a professional caregiver and a home health nurse?

    Professional caregivers cannot assist with medical needs including administering medications, managing IVs, wound care or oxygen care. They can provide assistance with ADLs, IADLs and offer supervision and companionship to their clients. If you have medical needs that currently are not properly managed or you are recovering from a hospitalization and need assistance during your rehabilitation, home health may be prescribed. Many of our clients choose to initiate both home health and home care services during these times so that they limit their personal and household responsibilities and can focus fully on their health.  

  • My son and his wife live in my home and help with care. Why should I invest in your services?

    Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley offers many services that can benefit you and your family members. Our respite care program gives your son and his wife necessary time off from caregiver duties while ensuring you always have the help you need. Our home care services also provide you with consistent and reliable care that can be ordered full time or part time so you never have to feel like you are burdening your family members with all of your care needs.

  • Does every client only see one professional caregiver?

    Some of our clients have only one professional caregiver, and others do not. The number of caregivers you have will depend on your preferred schedule and needs, as well as whether or not backup care is ever scheduled. We do promise consistency in care, and all of our professional caregivers are fully trained to meet your needs.

6 Things To Look For When Choosing A Caregiver

Choosing the right caregiving team can be time consuming & stressfull. Here are 6 things to consider while searching for the right match:

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What Our Patients & Their Families Say About Us

In order to meet the standards of the Joint Commission, all clients are asked to take a detailed survey at the end of our service.

When my wife and I requested the services of Salus, we were not totally sure of the type of services we would need. Would a nurse be required? Would someone who would perform such tasks as cooking and cleaning be required? It turned out that the condition of my wife was so serious that I or one of my family...

Marcia K.November 22, 2017

The majority of my caregivers were really great. They were dedicated and hardworking. Especially with two I bonded as a patient and as a friend. All the staff were very professional. I would recommend them.

Kandis C.July 9, 2017

A Salus employee is a family friend and having her as a resource during these unexpected health emergencies with my parents is a God -send! She always goes over and beyond and understands the complexity of arranging in-home healthcare for a loved one when you are not able to do it yourself. I appreciate ...

Betty V.September 27, 2016
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