The needs of seniors are different than when they were younger. Many seniors don’t drive for a number of reasons. They must get to where they need to go by walking or by using some form of public transportation. Most seniors also have friends and family willing to help them get around. It’s possible many people close to a senior have moved away. Their physical abilities when it comes to doing different things may have diminished. Seniors living in an urban setting are often forced to adjust to the changing world around them. A city may be a crowded place, but it could also be a good place for seniors to reside.


When a senior lives in an urban area, they may become very good at using the public transportation system. There are cities that provide paratransit services for their seniors. This is a type transportation system available to the public, but is better able to serve seniors and those living with disabilities. These services are able to help seniors do shopping as well as go to doctor visits and more. A number of cities also have senior centers that provide bus trips designed for cultural outings, recreation, social functions, as well as a variety of other things.

Senior Programs

Many cities provide different programs specifically designed for their seniors. These are programs that can meet the many different needs of seniors. This could include programs designed to help them enjoy the parks, museums, restaurants, the performing arts and more. There are even programs offered in some cities that assist seniors with maintaining participation in religious activities. Recreational and educational programs, as well as speakers and more, may be offered. These programs are designed to help a senior maintain different aspects of their life.

Friends And Family

When a senior has lived in an urban area for a period of time, there is a good chance many of their friends and family no longer live near them. It can be a challenge for them to stay connected. Some cities offer help with technology for seniors who want to video chat with friends and family. Others may provide a way for seniors to send emails or provide requested information from the internet when necessary. Many cities make an effort to help seniors stay connected to those who are important to them. This will help with a senior’s sense of well-being and provide them with the ability to remain engaged.


Many seniors who live in urban areas want to live as independent as possible. This can happen because stores, medical facilities and other things are close to them. They may no longer have the ability to drive a car or maintain a house. To preserve their independence, many seniors enjoy the benefits provided by a homecare service. These companies are able to make certain every essential aspect of a senior’s life is maintained. These types of services, such as Salus Homecare, provide seniors with everything from getting prescriptions filled to cleaning living spaces, helping to pay bills and more.

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