Los Angeles Home Health Services:

What is Home Health?

Home health is medical assistance provided in the home of the client. It includes a variety of different services and levels of care, catered to meet the needs of each individual. Salus Homecare of Los Angeles County offers home health services, provided by skilled medical professionals, who care for wounds, manage prescription medications, assist with IVs and handle many other nursing and therapeutic tasks.

Long term care is one service provided by Salus Homecare of Los Angeles County. Through our long term care program, we provide medically indicated assistance to individuals in Los Angeles, Ventura County and Orange County who are suffering from a chronic health diagnosis or a more permanent injury.

Advantages of Long Term Nursing Care:

  • Comfortable and convenient environment for the client
  • Accurate monitoring of medications, IVs and other assistive equipment to improve a client’s prognosis
  • Reduced risk of infections that are often present in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Supports an individual’s goal of remaining at home or aging in place

When individuals are recovering from a hospitalization or illness and their physician states that care will only be needed for a limited period of time, Salus Homecare of Los Angeles County’s short term health care is often ordered.

Advantages of Short Term Nursing Care:

  • Less expensive than most rehabilitation facilities
  • Recovery is at home, without visitor’s restrictions or roommates
  • Eases the process of obtaining necessary medical equipment
  • Provides education for the entire family unit to maximize recovery

Therapists improve outcomes by providing clients with the tools and training they need to regain their highest possible level of independence. Salus Homecare of Los Angeles County offers customized physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy tailored to meet each patient’s needs and interests.  Our services are available in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County.

Three Types of Therapeutic Nursing Services:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Who Benefits from Home Health Care?

In home health care benefits anyone with a medical need who prefers to recuperate or manage their symptoms at home. Whether the condition is chronic or acute, skilled nurses and therapists step in to evaluate the condition, coordinate with the client’s doctor and devise a plan that offers the best potential for positive outcomes.

Who Pays For Home Health Care?

Home health care is often medically indicated and prescribed by a doctor. For this reason, Medicare, Veteran’s benefits, Medi-Cal and private insurance will often provide coverage for it. In some cases, personal payment is necessary, but families who must pay out of pocket often realize that home health care offers a significant cost savings versus repeat hospitalizations or a stay in a rehabilitative facility.

Home Health FAQs

To read more FAQs, click here. If you have any specific questions, feel free to call our 24/7 hotline at (888) 725-8742

  • How can I know that my home health nurse is qualified?

    Salus Homecare of Los Angeles holds industry leading standards for all of our Los Angeles, Ventura County and Orange County home health employees. They must undergo an extensive interview process that includes a background check, request for references and review of any education, licensure or certifications. Additionally, our home health nurses regularly participate in mandatory trainings to update their skills and stay informed about the latest health care and home care innovations.

  • Can I receive home health services without having been hospitalized?

    Yes. While a significant number of our referrals do come from hospital discharge planners, we also work with area primary care physicians and specialists in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County. Many choose to refer patients to Salus Homecare of Los Angeles first because of our high standards and national accreditation.

  • Do you only service seniors? Will a home health nurse always be in my home?

    No. Salus Homecare of Los Angeles provides home care and home health services to adults of all ages in Los Angeles, Ventura County and Orange County. Skilled nursing and therapeutic services are made available to individuals who need assistance long term, short term or intermittently.

6 Things To Look For When Choosing A Caregiver

Choosing the right caregiving team can be time consuming & stressfull. Here are 6 things to consider while searching for the right match:

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What Our Patients & Their Families Say About Us

In order to meet the standards of the Joint Commission, all clients are asked to take a detailed survey at the end of our service.

I was very pleased with the services Salus Homecare provided. Their therapists, were very professional, well trained and friendly. I looked forward to their visits and am thankful for their help. Thanks to all. Keep up the good work.

Judy L.February 18, 2019

Two of our favorite people coming to our home were your nurse and physical therapist. Your nurse is a special person who has an upbeat, joyful manner. Looked forward to her visits caring for my cleanliness and put me in a more positive place. PT...your physical therapist's manner was so welcomed. He ...

Merliee J.February 9, 2019

Everyone was wonderful!!!! On time, very available for questions, just awesome people. Thank you!!!!

John F.February 7, 2019
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