A new study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research stated that more than half a million California seniors fall every year, but about 60-percent of them fail to seek appropriate medical attention afterward. Of the 40-percent that did seek timely medical attention, nearly half failed to receive appropriate counseling from a nurse or physician on measures to take to prevent future falls.

Falls – A Leading Cause of Death for Seniors in California

In California, falls are a leading cause of death among seniors, and they can also lead to permanent damage that reduces independence and causes a need for increased medical intervention. When seniors sustain a fall or doctors fail to provide them with the appropriate medical care and counseling, risks are increased, and for some, independence is never regained. Among those most at risk are seniors who have experienced a stroke or are suffering from some other medical diagnoses and those who are faced with cognitive impairments.

Simple Solutions for California Seniors

While preventing falls may seem like a complex problem for seniors, there are some simple solutions that many are willing to put into place when medical professionals recommend them. These might include modifying the home with grab bars and non-slip rugs, using a cane or walker for ambulation and changing daily routines by doing things like switching up walking routes or wearing more secure footwear.

The Role of California In-Home Physical Therapy

California physical therapy programs also offer seniors tools that can help them to reduce their risk of falls. These programs combine strength and balance exercises with other interventions to enhance safe mobility and the ability to perform many activities of daily living. For seniors who are homebound or prefer to avoid scheduling and traveling to therapy appointments outside the home, in-home physical therapy programs offer safe and effective options and one-on-one therapeutic sessions. Research shows California in-home therapy sessions are as effective as outpatient care, and they have the added advantage of viewing the senior’s home environment and any risks that it may present.

How California In-Home Caregivers Protect Seniors

For seniors who are most at risk for falls, doctors often recommend in-home care as a viable option. California in-home aides provide assistance with ambulation, important supervision throughout the day and encouragement for seniors who would benefit from daily activity or prescribed physical therapy exercise programs. In-home aides can assist with tasks that may put seniors at risk for falls such as preparing meals, showering, ambulating outside of the home and completing housekeeping chores. They can also help seniors to schedule and attend important medical appointments to keep physicians informed of any health changes or new concerns that could result in future falls.

A Call Out to California Physicians and Family Members

Fall prevention is important for every California senior, and it is something that all medical professionals need to address. Additionally, seniors and their family members must make it a priority to keep the home safe and medical conditions monitored to reduce the potential for life-threatening falls. This often includes looking to community resources that can help seniors to stay safe while maintaining their independence.

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