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Salus Symptom Management in Palliative Care

Patients sometimes experiencing painful or uncomfortable symptoms that are difficult to manage after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Professional support can make it easier to get symptoms under control which, in turn, has a positive impact on quality of life.
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Symptom Management Services Provided:

Symptom Management Services Provided:

  • Pain management medication
  • Non-medical approaches to compliment medications and keep discomfort under control
  • Anticipatory medication protocol as a preventative measure for pain and discomfort
  • Nurse care management to help keep your doctor better informed

Salus palliative care symptom management can help you to more effectively cope with whatever symptoms you are facing as a result of your illness. With professional support, repeated emergency room visits and hospitalizations are often unnecessary, and your quality of life is enhanced.

Medications used to help manage your symptoms are carefully monitored by a licensed nurse and our medical director in consult with your primary care physician. Adjustments are made as necessary to keep you comfortable while also ensuring you maintain safe independence and mobility.

I would highly recommend our physical therapist. She was patient & understanding, & took a great deal of time answering all of my questions & concerns for my mom. She went above & beyond. I would like to highly recommend her & I greatly appreciate all she did.

Santostefanos M. September 21, 2019

My spouse received excellent care from the Physical Therapist. She was very professional while being very personable and engaged as well. She inspired confidence that he would receive good care.

Duran E. September 12, 2019

Symptom Management FAQ's

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All conditions are unique and all individuals are unique too. However, some of the most common symptoms palliative care nurses see patients experience include: fatigue, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, muscle weakness and stomach distress. Whatever your unique symptoms are, palliative care will help you to more effectively manage them and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The goal of palliative care symptom management is to find the most effective way to help you manage symptoms while minimizing any side effects from those medications. Sometimes doing this involves trying different doses or types of medications. Your palliative care team will work with your doctor and carefully monitor your condition to help you feel your best while managing the symptoms associated with your disease.

Yes, many pain medications can be safely self-administered. Your palliative care nurses will work with you to explain proper dosing information and help you feel confident administering any medications.

Other Palliative Care Services Salus Offers

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Curative Care

Support in managing the distressing side effects that often accompany a serious medical condition. Physical and emotional curative care enhances quality of life and can make treatment more successful.

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Emotional Support
  • Comfort Care
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Advanced Care Planning

Advanced care planning is the act of making decisions about the care you will receive as well as your final wishes and goals. Reflecting on the things that are important to you and understanding your options helps you feel confident as you make these decisions

  • Social Work Case Management
  • Information Regarding Wills & Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Directive Planning
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