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All persons involved with Salus were very kind and supportive.

Margaretha M. M. H. June 13, 2020

It was a pleasure working with the nurses. They were kind, pleasant and very communicative.

Araceli M. June 12, 2020

Your staff were very kind and very informative. They were amazingly professional, experienced, and worked with the hands of angels.

Eman R. R. S. June 5, 2020

My situation is different from most of your customers, I was wanting to bring my husband home from a nursing home 5 days early. The intake person took care of everything. She kept on top of getting his medical needs from the nursing home and coordinating with me what I needed to do. The nurse you sent to help me was fantastic, she went beyond her duties. She called his doctors with questions and stayed on top of my husbands needs. The primary caregiver you sent was great, very experienced and helpful. He was very enthusiastic and knew what was best for my husband. This was the second time I've used your company and I'm pleased with how I was treated and what you did for me.

Earl E. May 22, 2020

I'd like to thank you for the care and concern you gave my moahter during the end of her life. You all made a big difference in her life and ours. Thank you to her nurse, andn to all of the other team members who provided care to my mom.

Kimberly B. Orange County May 16, 2020

We would like to express our gratitude for your kind support during the difficult process of my mother's last days. Please extend our gratitude to all of the individuals who took care of her, especially the admitting nurse and her visiting nurse, as well as the social workers and bath aide. You have an awesome team who accompanied us in this end of life journey.

Joan D. Orange County May 14, 2020

Both of our nurses went above and beyond, always just a text away if we had any questions or concerns, and very attentive with our day to day progress. The results were a great success, building confidence and quality of life. Salus was a great service and I recommend them to anyone.

Maurice F. May 12, 2020

In the long years from 2013 to April 2020, in the long journey of our beloved Mom's decline due to dementia, our hearts have been put to ease knowing her Salus caregivers were by her side to provide extra one on one socialization and mental stimulation that the care home staff, who were wonderful, couldn't provide due to workload. My mom was a very special intelligent witty person despite memory loss who could beat you at Scrabble and loved playing cards, singing, and reading books with trusted companions which Salus provided for her, as we kids lived far away. Salus caregivers were our eyes and ears so we kids were alerted when mom had setbacks in her health, as her needs changed over time. Salus caregivers also cared for her during occasional hospitalizations, to be a comforting presence, since Mom couldn't remember why she was there or how to call a nurse. They were highly professional and in tune with our mom's physical and mental and emotional needs and true advocates for her. We cannot thank you and your staff enough! Always in your debt, warmest regards always, Mertz family

Audrey M. May 9, 2020

My dad's Salus Hospice nurses were excellent! Thank you.

Anonymous Orange County May 6, 2020

We were so well cared for by our hospice team. The nurse and social worker showed my father and all of us special care. Thank you!

Sara K. Orange County May 6, 2020

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