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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742


Testimonial In order for Salus to meet rigorous Medicare and Joint Commission standards, all clients are asked to take a detailed survey at the end of our service. Review client testimonials.

Every person from your intake department all the way to the clinical team were very professional. At my first visit the nurse was very punctual and right on time extremely knowledgeable, and was able to teach my husband and my son how to do the IV antibiotics. The nurses that followed came one time when it was time to do my lab draws however a patient earlier ended up needing to use the supplies that she needed. So we pushed that visit to the following day and that is when another nurse took over for the rest of the visit. She was very knowledgeable and very punctual and on time. She was very confident and it showed. I absolutely will refer others to Salus.

Ortiz M. January 27, 2020

The care needed occurred practically overnight but Salus was able to provide 24/7 staffing on the day that I contacted them. Well done. The case manager was especially friendly, professional and helpful.

Viola G. January 27, 2020

Everyone at Salus was extremely responsive and eager to help and that made our experience so much better during a difficult time.

Leone M. January 7, 2020

My physical therapist is fantastic. Competent, knowledgeable and caring.

Fischer E. January 7, 2020

Thanks so much for your help.

Grayson S. January 3, 2020

Your staff treated my mother with care and respect. We were very happy with the care she received. From the moment they showed up until they were done they were wonderful with my elderly mother. Thank you for your care and assistance.

Koutsoudis K. December 31, 2019

Our case manager is wonderful...!

Shimizu D. December 31, 2019

Wonderful care. My physical therapist got me up and walking. The home health aide came two times and week and the occupational therapist helped with safety issues. The nurse was attentive and helpful. ALL were sweet ladies, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!

Katherine R. Orange County Dec 30, 2019

The Salus nurse and physical therapist were excellent. Both were professional, knowledgeable and gave excellent verbal data relating to their own skills. I highly recommend Salus Home Health services.

Patricia G. Orange County Dec 26, 2019

My mother received the care from Salus. She has dementia and can not take care of herself. The team from Salus met her, checked our out and gave her physical and occupational therapy. They taught us how to work with her and continue her therapy when they were not here. With their guidance, she made good progress and we are very happy with the results.

John B. Orange County Dec 26, 2019

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