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This note is to thank the Salus Hospice organization for the extraordinary support your staff provided to our sister this past 8 months. We first learned of Salus from a doctor who was a colleague of our sister's former husband, while she was a patient at Mission hospital after suffering a stroke with underlying terminal melanoma. We considered various options and elected to commit to Salus for hospice care. With that commitment, we were immediately surrounded by all the necessary equipment, support staff, scheduling of personnel, etc. that were needed to provide a loving environment for my sister in her home. The speed and organization that was critical to us in anticipating all her support needs were totally anticipated by Salus. With Salus onboard, my sister and I could then concentrate on supporting the immediate emotional needs of our sister when she came home. At this time, we would like to extend kudos to the special members of Salus staff who have been instrumental in providing our sister with the support and ability to be able to live the last remaining 8 months with all the joy, comfort and active lifestyle up to the very end of her life on earth. Her case nurse treated our sister with a collegial respect - a manner that was warm, supportive, full of wonderful humor and full professional courtesy. She helped our sister with discussions of both medical and prescription options in a manner that respected her choices and enabled her to live in comfort and enjoyment without being clothed in a haze of medications which would reduce the quality of her life. Her nurse truly became an extended family member who brought information, care, humor and joy with her each and every visit. The assigned MSW was also extremely kind as she became acquainted with and respected my sisters decisions with regard to her death process and instructions she wanted as far as who she wished to be present and help her thru the death process. She was also extremely helpful with information on death certificates and additional reference sheets after the death of a family member. We would also like to recognize an after-hours nurse, whose visits were sooo welcome in those frantic hours when we called Salus for RN assistance during evening hours - when her assistance was needed. She truly brought sunshine into those night visits as well as provided much needed comfort and tenderness in those off hours. She is a fabulous representative of the constant availability and kindness of your staff. Finally, a very special team member from Salus is the CHHA who provided my sister with not only showers and personal hygiene assistance every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but also provided to her a wonderful way to begin her day after she had indulged in her morning coffee routine. She brought a level of professionalism and kindness accompanied by an infectious sense of humor to my sister and is three wonderful days a week. The CHHA possess an innate sense of understanding of physical and natural emotional to my sister, her patient, with qualities that cannot be taught but rather are inherent in her person and being. She immediately became a special person in the eyes of my sister, and us. In fact, when the time came that we needed professional assistance during the night, we signed a contract with Salus with the provision that the staff member to be scheduled for my sister would ONLY be this wonderful CHHA, else we would care for my sister ourselves. Even my sister's very protective cat, Monsieur Bello, had approved her! The CHHA was certainly a critical and essential member of the Salus team and we recognize her as a true representative of Salus. It is comforting to know that my sister's last night on earth was in the caring hands of this wonderful lady. Once again, our extended family thanks Salus and the caring members of your staff for all the services and kindnesses which surrounded our sister. We shall sing the praises of Salus always.

Anne F.

Our family just wanted to say that Salus and their staff were a godsend to use during a very difficult time. I can't say enough about the love and care that was given to us over the month that we had your support. Please give out thanks to my husbands nurse. The night on-call nurse who I talked to several times was so supportive with saying "just call me back if you need me," she would be there. The nurse who came out early morning, taking over to help my husband get comfortable and relieving both his stress and our stress. The bath aide was so caring, helping my husband with his bath. And what a surprise to actually have a doctor to come out to our house to check on my husband after we started with Salus. I tell people this and they say, that never happened when their loved one was on hospice. I also want to thank the social worker, who checked on me and sent me a beautiful card, and the chaplain who touched base with me. As you can see, Salus gave us, the family, comfort knowing we could call any time, day or night, and someone was actually there to help us immediately. I don't know anything about hospice companies, but as far as our family is concerned, you shine about above any that are out there and we feel so blessed to have had you at our time of need. Thank you and may God continue to Bless your company.

Kathy M. Orange County Sept 24, 2020

The Salus nurses have been very helpful. I appreciate their service and care are excellent! The office personnel are also caring. They take care of my needs right away. Very good staff and service! Thank you!

Janet T. Orange County Sept 22, 2020

Salus home health provided excellent service!

Jim F. Orange County Sept 15, 2020

The Salus staff that came to my home were kind and knowledgeable and eager to help in whatever I needed. I was very happy to have their care.

Arlene M. Orange County Sept 9, 2020

My physical therapist was great when working with me, very knowledgeable.

William H. Orange County Sept 9, 2020

The physical therapist was very knowledgeable. She always explained the exercises and how each worked the different muscles. I am very satisfied with the service Salus Home Health provided.

Antonio A. Orange County Sept 3, 2020

I appreciated that all visits were completed in as short a time as possible. Both nurses were kind and patient as they always wanted to make sure my needs and wants were met.

Anonymous Orange County August 28, 2020

Our nurse, PT and bath aide were outstanding. They were so kind and caring toward my husband and worked great with him. Thank you so much!

Lawrence M. Orange County August 28, 2020

At the time my father was receiving care from Salus Home Health all of the workers (nurses, PT, OT, etc.) that visited were very good with handling an elderly patient. They spoke clearly and plainly and were very patient and respectful. Thank you.

Albert L. Orange County August 28, 2020

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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742