Finding the right level of care for an aging loved one is sometimes emotionally and financially taxing. Decisions often revolve around what is affordable even before the best choices are truly considered. Moving to an assisted living facility or memory care unit is costly. In fact, average costs exceed $48,000 per year according to This ever-rising cost for quality senior care often makes for a difficult decision when you want the best for an aging loved one. Don’t lose hope. There are ways to ease the financial burden of finding quality care.

Advanced Planning for Senior Living Costs

Making choices about an aging loved one’s living arrangements is best accomplished when you plan ahead. By having conversations about what kind of care your loved one wants before their needs begin to change, you can ensure that enough time is available to evaluate your options and make the right choice. This also allows time for you to get your finances together and have conversations about how payment will be made for services. If other family members need to be involved in the financial part of the plan, it gives them time to start saving and making their own plans too.

Is There Help Paying for Assisted Living

When it comes to paying for long term care, some help is available. Medicare and VA benefits are two examples. However, neither provide full coverage or more permanent assistance. If you’re able to plan in advance, long term care insurance is another option worth exploring. Having a policy can help you to feel financially prepared for whatever lies ahead. It also often makes it easier to consider your loved one’s wants and goals should they prefer to age in place rather than move to a facility. Long term care insurance can fill the gap between what Medicare or VA benefits will pay for, reducing your out of pocket expenses and making it possible to meet your loved one’s needs for a longer period of time.

Assisted Living vs Home Care

If you’re watching your loved one decline, it can be easy to think that assisted living or memory care are the only viable solution. This is especially true if you are a long distance caregiver or simply recognize that your loved one’s needs are more than your family can meet alone. However, a further exploration of your options might lead you to find that in home care is a more cost effective solution. The cost advantages of in home care are many; you can customize a schedule to meet your needs and subsidize care that family members provide with professional care that is personalized to address your loved one’s goals and challenges. Especially for seniors who only need part-time care, the costs can be significantly less than an assisted living facility or memory care unit.

There are many challenges involved in providing care for an aging loved one, and the costs associated with ensuring their safety, healthy and comfort needs are met is no small feat to meet. Salus Homecare San Fernando is here to help. Contact us, and let’s work together to find the solution that is right for your family.

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