When a medical diagnosis, Alzheimer’s or even the process of aging change a loved one’s ability to safely remain independent, it is time to make choices. Deciding where they will live and who will provide support often tops the list. Some seniors are fortunate enough to have family available and prepared to provide assistance. However, many rely on professional support. Providing it helps adult family members to balance their time while still ensuring safety, health and comfort for the senior.

Considering Your Options

There are essentially two options when it comes to providing a senior support with activities of daily living and medical needs. They include facility living (a nursing home or assisted living facility) or in home care. In a nursing home, seniors typically have a private room or one that is shared with a single roommate. Dining and activities are often managed in a group setting. Staff members are typically responsible for more than one resident at a time. The advantages of this choice include ensuring safety and comfort . It also provides the senior with opportunities for socialization and companionship. The disadvantages include the lack of one-on-one care. Many mention the inability to personalize the schedule or level of assistance. To accept this type of care, seniors must move away from their homes.

For many seniors, a better choice is in home care or in home health care. Both options are typically provided by an accredited agency such as Salus Homecare San Gabriel Valley. They offer professional assistance from experienced individuals in the comfort of home. Care is one-on-one. The family also has the ability to schedule services when they need them most and increase or decrease hours at any time.

Aging in Place

In home care supports aging in place. This is the preferred choice for more than 80-percent of seniors in our community according to the AARP. It allows for a greater sense of independence and often empowers seniors to maintain a sense of purpose in the environment they are most comfortable in. Many families would like to support their loved one’s goal to age in place. In home care makes it possible to do so while still considering health and safety.

While aging in place, many seniors enjoy a better mental outlook and improved emotional health. This makes sense because home is often a familiar and happy place to age. This emotional outlook also translates to physical health by helping many seniors to recover faster. Reduced instances of cognitive decline and maintaining independence for a longer period of time are also common.

Considering the Budget

As budget is also a factor when making a long term care decision, families who explore their options often find that in home care is the most cost effective. This is especially true when a senior only needs a few hours of care a week or part-time assistance with specific tasks. Families pay only for the hours when their professional caregiver is in the home. They also maintain the ability to increase or decrease services whenever that is desired or appropriate.

The Availability of Beds

Even when facility living seems like the most cost effective choice, families must consider the availability of beds. According to an article in Forbes Magazine, many facilities are moving away from having a high number of long term care beds and toward focusing more on rehabilitative care. This choice comes down to profits, as Medicare pays $500 to $600 dollars per day for a rehabilitative bed but Medicaid reimbursement for long term care is limited to $125 per day. While families must often spend a lot of time searching for an appropriate and available bed in a facility, making one call to Salus Homecare San Gabriel Valley is all it takes to arrange professional in home care.

Making decisions about your loved one’s long term care needs takes time, patience and a bit of research. While many families initially consider assisted living or nursing home care, in home care is another, viable alternative. Understanding the benefits it offers is important. If your family is working through this decision, help is close by. Call Salus Homecare San Gabriel Valley to schedule your complimentary, no obligation evaluation.

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