Hip replacements are on the rise. According to the Center for Disease Control, the number of seniors receiving total hip replacements tripled between 2000 and 2010 and adults age 45 to 54 saw a staggering 205-percent increase in electing to undergo the same procedure during this time period. Medical professionals believe the surge is charged by an increased desire to remain active and healthy well into the geriatric years.

Understanding Recovery

While medical technology has advanced and improvements have led to easier hip replacements, this is still a major surgery, and recovery takes time. San Gabriel seniors undergoing hip surgeries should expect an extensive recovery process. This is especially true for frail adults with limited mobility. Recovery will include a brief hospital stay followed by physical and occupational therapy for several weeks or months and close supervision by a physician.

Pasadena In-Home Physical Therapy and In-Home Occupational Therapy

Seniors have options when it comes to therapy following a hip replacement. Those who express a desire to continue aging in place and remain independent often choose Pasadena in-home physical therapy and in-home occupational therapy. When care is provided in the home, seniors do not have to stay in a rehab facility and can return to their normal daily schedule much sooner. Another advantage of in-home therapy is that the therapists see seniors in their homes and make recommendations for modifications that promote a safer environment and a faster recovery time.

Patient Education

Another important benefit of San Gabriel Valley physical and occupation therapy is the patient education component. It is important for anyone recovering from a total hip replacement to understand which activities are safe and will have a positive impact on recovery and which might be dangerous and inhibit their efforts. While patients are encouraged to remain active and independent, they are also taught about the risks that come with overdoing it with strenuous exercises or taking on too much before giving the body time to heal.

Safety and Independence

Physical therapy will re-teach seniors to transfer out of the bed or chair, ambulate and climb independently. During recovery, it is often beneficial for seniors to use assistive devices such as walkers or wheelchairs and receive assistance with mobility and normal activities of daily living. While some family members are able to provide 24-hour assistance and supervision, many have time constraints or physical limitations that make this difficult. In such instances, Pasadena in-home caregivers offer the support that seniors need to remain at home safely, comfortably and securely. Professional in-home aides help seniors to ambulate safely and offer stand-by assistance when a hip replacement makes standing to shower, shave or brush teeth difficult. In addition, they can remind individuals who are recovering from a hip recovery in Pasadena to take prescribed antibiotics and pain medications and provide reliable transportation to medical appointments. Hiring an in home aide also helps seniors to avoid feeling isolated while in recovery, and this reduces instances of depression and other mental health concerns.

At Salus Homecare San Gabriel Valley, we simplify the process of finding the support you need to recover from a hip replacement and remain independent. Simply make one phone call, and our qualified care managers will schedule your free, no obligation consultation and work with you to devise an all-inclusive care plan to meet all of your needs. Our fully screened, trained and qualified employees will work closely with you, your family and your medical team to ensure a faster, easier and safer recovery in the comfort of your home. To learn more, call us anytime.

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