Popular Home Health Questions

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  • Who are Salus Homecare’s skilled nurses and therapists?

    Salus Homecare employs all of our skilled nurses and therapists and never uses contract workers. These individuals are the finest in the industry with impressive backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge. To work for our agency, they must undergo an extensive interview process that includes background and reference checks and verification of their qualifications.

  • Can home health be ordered without a hospital stay?

    Yes. Salus Homecare of South Bay often receives referrals for clients who have not been hospitalized but would benefit from home health care from area primary care physicians and specialists in a variety of health related fields.

  • Do you only service seniors?

    No. Salus Homecare of South Bay provides home health services to individuals of all ages and with a variety of long term and short term health care needs.

  • Can a nurse stay with me 24 hours a day?

    In most cases, 24 hour a day home health care is not necessary or ordered by a physician. Many of our clients see substantial improvement with only a few days a week or a few hours a day of service. Your needs will be reviewed during your initial evaluation, and that is when we will determine how many hours of coverage are appropriate.

  • Do home health nurses offer non-medical care to clients?

    Our home health nurses are industry leading professionals with specific skill sets. Their purpose is to help you manage any health care needs. In addition to this, their hourly rate is higher than that of an in home caregiver, so it is to your financial advantage when they devote their time to appropriate tasks. Many clients who need help with non-medical tasks will choose to hire both a professional caregiver and a skilled nurse through Salus Homecare of South Bay.  

  • Help me decide between home health and institutional care.

    No agency can or should make this decision for you. It is very personal, and the right answer varies for every individual. To determine which option is best for you, consider your personal goals and how your choice will impact them. If you want to remain at home, receive flexible services and enjoy one on one care, home health may be the right choice for you.

  • Will my doctor play any role in my recovery?

    Yes. Your doctor will write the orders for home health, and our agency will work with him to ensure your needs and goals are met. We will also update him regularly about your progress and involve him if changes are made to your plan of care.

  • Can you recommend a method for keeping track of multiple schedules if I have different professionals coming into my home?

    With Salus Homecare of South Bay, there is no need for you to keep track of multiple schedules. We will take care of that task for you. Our team will ensure that you have the professional home health care you need, during times that are convenient for you. We will coordinate between various professionals if more than one is involved, and we will provide backup coverage if that is ever needed.

  • Is my home health information kept confidential?

    Absolutely. Salus Homecare of South Bay never sells your information to a third party, and we will not provide information about your care or services to anyone without your consent.

  • Is home health the same as hospice care?

    No. Home health services are ordered when an individual has a health condition or concern and needs assistance with maintenance or recovery. Hospice provides end of life care and pain management when individuals have a life expectancy of six months or less.

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