Most experts agree that keeping the mind and body active is important for good mental and physical health. And after an inactive winter, springtime offers fresh ways to be active. In fact, springtime is the perfect opportunity to get seniors doing different activities and for keeping them healthy. As it happens, extra activities for seniors have proven to be very beneficial. It gives them something to look forward to and add some excitement into their daily lives.


Walking is the ideal exercise for keeping in shape and physically active. Unlike jogging, there is minimal stress put on the body. In addition, walking can be catered to a person’s activity level. For instance, if you are a somewhat good shape then you can go at a fast pace.

Walking is also a great form of meditation in motion. It is a great occasion to enjoy the outdoors and let go of daily worries. And if your walk becomes boring or mundane then have a destination or hike some nature trails. Depending on geographical location, it is best to walk in groups when hiking trails.

Social Get-Togethers

Social interactions are very important for both mental and physical health. As well, social activities can be a lot of fun. Plus, there are abundant amounts of social activities to choose from. For instance, many seniors enjoy a night on the town for dinner, a movie, or game night at the local bingo club.


Games can be a wonderful source of entertainment. Not only are games a great way to keep the brain active but they also encourage social interaction with others. But even “one-person” games are very beneficial.

Game preferences are unique to every individual. Some people enjoy a competitive game of scrabble while others love to walk to the park to play chess. Either way, there are various levels of competition that can be both enjoyable and an intellectual challenge for all ages.

Plant a Garden

Gardening is both mentally and physically “good for you”. In truth, research has shown that gardening reduces the feeling of stress and also improves overall endurance and strength. It is also very rewarding, regardless if you plant flowers, vegetables or both. For seniors, a garden can be a community effort or left up to an individual to plant and care for what they desire. As well, gardening gets a person outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Recreational Sports

Sports can be a group rendezvous or a one-person adventure. As well, there are numerous sports a senior can participate in that are low impact. For example, bicycling is a great activity for different skill levels. You can bicycle independently or with a group. Swimming is another fabulous sport. In fact, it is one of the most low-impact exercises around and is highly recommended for seniors who have minimal mobility. Golfing is another excellent choice. It builds muscle and is a good all-around exercise for the body.

Take a Trip to the Farmers Market

Today, most towns have a farmers market with various booths that sell local goods such as fruit, vegetables, crafts, jewelry, food, beverages, and other products. In addition, several farmers markets have music for your enjoyment. The farmers market is a great place to visit, especially for seniors. It offers an opportunity to meet people, to get outdoors, to have fun, and socialize, support the local community and to buy healthy produce.

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