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Overall Salus did an excellent job. Would definitely recommend them as a professional/top notch care organization. By the way, the nurse was wonderful, she went way out of her way!

Anonymous San Diego November 7, 2022

All of the ladies were wonderful, especially the nurse, she’s a gem!

Anonymous San Diego November 2, 2022

San Diego Hospice Services

Salus Carlsbad

Our San Diego hospice services are accredited by the Joint Commission. If you need help figuring things out please give us a call: (888) 881-4822

Physical Care

Pain management and the monitoring of symptoms to enhance quality of life for seniors in San Diego. Hospice care's physical services are monitored and administrated by skilled hospice nurses and therapists in San Diego.

  • Medication Management
  • Occupational, Speech or Physical Therapy
  • Wound Care & Vital Sign Monitoring
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Emotional Care

Coping Support for both client and family. This support also remains available to the family after a client's passing in the form of grief counselling.

  • Counseling
  • Social Worker Case Management
  • Bereavement Counselling for Your Loved Ones
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Spiritual Care

Assists the client in exploring their spiritual concerns surrounding death and dying. Spiritual support with hospice care is non-denominational and supportive of all belief systems.

  • 1-1 Conversations With Hospice Chaplains
  • Reconnecting Clients With Their House of Worship
  • Provide Literature That Can Help Individuals Cope With Death
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What Differentiates Salus Hospice?

What Differentiates Salus Hospice?

You have options when choosing a hospice care provider in San Diego. WHO you choose makes all the difference.

RN Model of Care – Our San Diego County hospice patients and families benefit from the continuity of care they receive through consistent RN Case Management visits from one RN who is assigned to monitor their care.

Staffing Ratios – We highly value our San Diego hospice nurses and recognize that providing individualized care is made easier when caseloads remain low.

  • It is common in the hospice industry in San Diego County for a case manager to manage upwards of 20 cases.
  • Our San Diego RN Case Managers are tasked with ensuring personalized care for between 12 – 14 cases each.
  • This allows more time for one-on-one focus and results in optimal clinical and emotional outcomes for our San Diego hospice patients and their loved ones.

Data Supports Our Practices – Continuous analysis of data informs our hospice care decisions as we work to improve quality of care for our hospice patients.

  • Salus overwhelmingly receives more 5-star Google ratings than any of our competitors in the San Diego County service area.
What is Hospice?

What is Hospice?

When you or our loved one are faced with a life-limiting illness, Hospice is an important option to consider. This family-centered and holistic San Diego hospice program helps you to make the most of life by addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs in the comfort of home.

Effective pain management is a central component in the physical care hospice offers. It empowers you or your loved one to minimize feelings of discomfort and spend time enjoying every moment of life more. Professional hospice nurses and medical social workers work in collaboration with our entire team and under the direction of the San Diego hospice medical director and your family doctor to promote dignity, comfort, and safety through life care.

As a person moves through the various stages of an end of life illness, it is common to experience a range of emotions. These often include fear, sadness, regret and anger. Hospice’s emotional support helps you to know you are not alone. Our San Diego hospice care professionals provide a safe outlet to express such emotions and help you to better develop or discover coping mechanisms. This makes it easier to come to terms with the final stage of life.

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, many individuals question their views about the end of life and even an after-life. They may experience doubt or uncertainty. Many find comfort by speaking with a spiritual advisor through our hospice San Diego program. This person helps clients to find a sense of calm and purpose and renew their own beliefs, faith or inner peace.

Who Benefits from Hospice Services in San Diego?

Who Benefits from Hospice Services in San Diego?

Any person with a life-limiting illness and a life expectancy of six months or less can benefit from hospice care in San Diego. As part of our admission process, Salus Hospice San Diego requires a physician’s certification for entry into the program. If you feel this might be the right program for you or a loved one, consult with your doctor.

Who Pays for Hospice Services in San Diego?

Who Pays for Hospice Services in San Diego?

Hospice care in San Diego is typically covered by private insurance and Medicare, MediCal or the Department of Veterans Affairs. While many of these programs cover hospice at 100%, if you have private insurance, it is important to consult with your provider to get exact coverage details.

How our integrated services can help San Diego seniors diagnosed with a life limiting illness

San Diego Home Health

The medical needs of a loved one can sometimes leave a family feeling overwhelmed, stressed and uncertain about the future. Often, the recommendation is to engage with a home health provider, but it can be difficult to know who to trust. At Salus Homecare of San Diego, we understand these feelings, and we just want to help. Our professional care team includes skilled San Diego nurses and qualified therapists who provide accredited care in the comfort of home. Our comprehensive care programs are inclusive, empowering, effective and a preferred choice for many who have been where you are today. The medical assistance you need is available anytime.

What are the typical goals of care for this type of service?
To regain prior level of function/health. Promote the patient's ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.
Why choose this San Diego home health care?
To regain health and to resume the previous level of function and independence.
What kind of services are available?
Multidisciplinary team approach. Patient's physician arranges Medical Equipment and Medications; must be authorized by insurance.
Who pays for San Diego home health services?
Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance or by the patient directly; May have co-pays according to plan.
How often does the care happen?
Care is determined by the doctor but is typically comprised of intermittent visits by nursing and therapy over the course of 30-60 days according to an individualized plan
Who is involved in the delivery of home health care?
Home Health services are ordered by a physician and can include nursing, physical, occupational or speech therapy, medical social services, home health aide and registered dietician
Who determines what care is delivered?
The patients ordering physician determines the disciplines necessary to meet the patients' needs
Is a physician order required for home health care in San Diego?
Is anything else required?
Patient must meet home-bound requirements
If equipment is needed (i.e. hospital bed, walker) who pays for that?
Depends on eligibility
How do I get started receiving home health care?
Discuss desire for care with your physician; Give Salus a call
How long does home health care in San Diego last?
As long as the patient has the potential for improvement with restorative treatment. Must meet insurance eligibility guidelines.
Why choose Salus?
Salus offers the patient and family with the most expert and nurturing care during all phases of a patient's healthcare journey. At Salus we are "Always There" and provide the patient and family with choices across the continuum of care.
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Hospice Care in San Diego

When a patient’s focus shifts from searching for a cure for an illness to managing pain, discovering closure and finding peace, it is more important than ever to be surrounded by an empathic, compassionate and knowledgeable support team. Salus Hospice is an accredited San Diego hospice care provider. It is our goal to provide patient-centered care that enhances the quality of life and provides the comfort, dignity and respect you deserve throughout this difficult stage in life.

What are the typical goals of San Diego hospice services?
Affirms life and regards dying as a normal process. Comfort and symptom management; Maintain comfort and quality of life during the end stages of a serious illness to which the doctor does not expect a cure; care for physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs. Reduces suffering. Improve the quality of life for both the patient and family.
Why choose Hospice care in San Diego?
To stay in the comfort of your own home, avoid hospitalization, during your final months, weeks and days of life. To forego curative treatments, rather focus your remaining time left on things that matter most. There is no homebound requirement.
What kind of San Diego Hospice services are available?
An interdisciplinary team provides holistic care. Includes coverage for medications related to management of the end stage disease, Medical Equipment and Nursing Supplies (i.e Incontinence, Gloves, Woundcare dressings).
What coverage can I expect for my San Diego hospice care?
Medicare (Part A) and Medicaid 100% covered; Most private insurances also have coverage, including VA benefit
How often does hospice care in San Diego happen?
Hospice support is available 24/7 although the frequency of intermittent visits can vary based on the patients individual care needs and can change as the patients' needs change
Who is involved in the delivery of hospice San Diego care?
Hospice has an Interdisciplinary approach to care, the hospice team includes a doctor, nurse, social worker, spiritual care coordinator, home health aide, and volunteers
Who determines what San Diego hospice care is delivered?
The hospice team works together with each patient and their family/caregivers to determine the services they would like to receive while under Hospice care. Collaborates with the physician for updates and orders.
Is a physician order required for hospice San Diego care?
Is anything else required to begin receiving hospice care in San Diego?
Patient must have a terminal prognosis of 6 months or less certified by two physicians
If equipment is needed (i.e. hospital bed, walker) who pays for that?
Included in benefit
How do I get started receiving hospice care in San Diego County?
Discuss desire for care with your physician; Give Salus a call
Who is hospice care in San Diego designed for?
Designed for patients during the last 6 months of life if the disease runs it's usual course. Should the patient's condition improve, the hospice team will assist with discharge planning from hospice to other healthcare options.
Why should I choose Salus for my San Diego County hospice care?
Salus offers the patient and family with the most expert and nurturing care during all phases of a patient's healthcare journey. At Salus we are "Always There" and provide the patient and family with choices across the continuum of care.
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San Diego Home Care

When the aging process or an illness or injury leave you unable to complete essential daily tasks independently, it is more important than ever to feel connected, empowered and be treated with dignity and respect. Salus Homecare of San Diego is a respected home care agency. Accredited for quality by the Joint Commission, it is our goal to surround you with the professionals you need and get you the help you deserve to meet your home based, non-medical care needs.

What are the typical goals of care for this type of service?
To remain safe and comfortable in your own home or place of choice in times of recuperation or during the normal aging process
Why choose this type of care?
Maintain dignity and independence allowing you to age safely in the comfort of home. May also be helpful to assist with care needs following surgery or hospitalization.
What kind of professional caregiver services are available?
Assistance with activities of daily living can include bathing, grooming, meal preparation, and medication reminders. Also light housekeeping and other requested services.
Who pays for San Diego in home care services?
Private pay; for those that have long term care insurance their policy may pay a good portion of the costs; for those qualifying war-time veterans (or spouse) the VA covers a small portion.
How often does in home care happen?
As often as you would like. Can be hourly for brief periods (min of 4 hrs) or up to 24hrs/day 7 days/wk
Who is involved in the delivery of San Diego in home care?
A case manager and a caregiver.
Who determines what care is delivered?
The case manager and family make this decision together
Is a physician order required for in home care in San Diego?
Is anything else required?
An in-home assessment performed by the case manager to determine the plan of care.
If equipment is needed (i.e. hospital bed, walker) who pays for that?
The majority of the time this will be the responsibility of the patient/family
How do I get started?
Give Salus a call. We will schedule a case manager to visit at no cost.
How long do in home care services in San Diego last?
As long as needed and desired by the client
Why choose Salus Homecare of San Diego?
Salus offers the patient and family with the most expert and nurturing care during all phases of a patient's healthcare journey. At Salus we are "Always There" and provide the patient and family with choices across the continuum of care.
(888) 725-8742

Hospice San Diego Care FAQs

If you don’t see your question, please give us a call: (888) 881-4822

It is not necessary to purchase any equipment before your initial evaluation for hospice care in San Diego. Some clients do have a need for equipment, but if that applies to you, we will provide you with information about it. Our social workers can also assist you in obtaining any necessary equipment. In most cases, insurance or Medicare will cover the costs.

Once your mother’s doctor has made a referral for hospice care, Salus Hospice San Diego will visit the patient to evaluate service needs. This typically happens within 48-hours of the doctor’s referral being made. A care plan will then be developed with input from the client, family members and the client’s physician. Once this care plan is in place, services typically begin within a very short period of time. All services provided will be clearly discussed, and you will also have a way to reach a member of our San Diego hospice team 24-hours a day and 7-days a week should you have questions or concerns.

The decision to enter hospice care in San Diego legally belongs to the patient. A medical professional should never pressure you to accept this care option. However, when diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, many doctors will begin conversations about hospice care with their patients. When these conversations occur, it is important to get all of the information and make sure you understand all your choices before making a decision. It is sometimes a good idea to include family members in these conversations as your choices will impact them too.

Physicians Highly Recommend Salus Hospice in San Diego For Their Patients

“Hospice care is very comforting. The support helps me to peacefully remain with family, at home.”

Salus also provides non-medical support with our San Diego in home care and at home nursing assistance through our San Diego home health services.

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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742

Call Our 24/7 Hotline: (888) 725-8742