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  • What qualifications do Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley’s nurses and therapists hold?

    Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley hires industry leading professionals who have passed extensive background checks and an intensive interview process. These professionals hold the proper licenses and certifications in their chosen field and once hired, participate in ongoing trainings with our agency. The professionals who enter your home are never contract workers to protect your safety and help ensure that they provide you with the respectful, dependable care you need, when you need it most.

  • Can home health be ordered by my primary care doctor if I have not been hospitalized?

    Yes. Salus Homecare often receives referrals from primary care doctors. Our agency also receives referrals from doctors who provide specialized care, many times for clients who have not been hospitalized.

  • Do you provide home care services to all adults?

    Yes. Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley’s home health services are appropriate for adults of all ages and with a variety of health conditions. Long term care, short term care and therapeutic services are available based on the prescribed needs.

  • Can a nurse stay with me around the clock?

    Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley offers around the clock nursing support if this level of care is medically indicated. Most clients do not receive 24 hour care however, because their condition only requires care for a few hours a day or a few days a week. Our care managers always remain on call for clients 24 hours a day and seven days a week to assist with emergency care needs, answer questions or address concerns.

  • Do home health nurses assist with non-medical needs?

    Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley offers two types of services – home health and home care. Our home health nurses are charged with meeting the medical needs of our clients. Home care professionals provide assistance with non-medical care needs. While nurses will assist with some ADLs while caring for a client, this is not their area of expertise. If you require extensive assistance with bathing, grooming, meal preparation and transportation, home care services might be the right choice.

  • Can you tell me if home health is the right choice for me?

    The decision between home health and institutional care is personal, and every individual must decide for themselves which is the right choice. Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley clients have made the choice to initiate home health care because our services provide them with the services they need in the comfort of home. Many also prefer one on one care and personalized care plans to the group dynamics that are often present in a nursing home or rehabilitative facility.

  • Will my doctor participate in my recovery?

    Yes. Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley involves any medical professionals who are attending to your care needs when developing your plan of care. We will also keep your doctor informed of improvements or setbacks and ask for his assistance if the care plan is modified at any time.

  • Do you handle scheduling, or is that something clients must manage on their own?

    Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley always manages scheduling related tasks for our clients. Whether you have one professional coming into your home or several, we will ensure that services are always provided at times that are convenient for you and that backup care is arranged if that is ever necessary.

  • Is home health information confidential?

    Yes. Salus Homecare of San Gabriel Valley protects the confidentiality for all our clients by requiring that release of information forms be completed before we share any information. We also never sell home health or patient information to third parties.

  • Is home health similar to hospice care?

    Home health care and hospice care do have some elements in common such as both providing services from skilled therapists and nurses. The differences are also significant however, as home health care is prescribed to assist an individual in recovering from an illness or injury and helping individuals to maintain their health. Hospice care is prescribed to support an individual and provide pain management when the end of life is near, typically when life expectancy is six months or less.

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