According to a recent news report, the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency has reported that the number of flu cases has more than doubled this year as compared to last. Seniors and individuals with chronic health conditions are most at risk. While getting the flu shot annually offers important protection against this rising health problem, there is more that seniors can do to protect themselves.

Healthy Living to Prevent the Flu

Living a healthy lifestyle offers some of the greatest protection against the flu for San Diego seniors. This includes exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, taking prescribed medications regularly, visiting a doctor for scheduled visits and properly managing personal hygiene needs. For some seniors, completing these tasks independently is easy, but for others, assistance is needed. One way to reduce the risks of contracting the flu for these individuals is to hire a San Diego in home care professional.

senior being helped at home

In Home Aides – Helping San Diego Seniors to Remain Healthy

In home aides in San Diego have the ability to reduce the risks of seniors contracting the flu. By assisting home-bound seniors or individuals with physical limitations in performing daily tasks such as taking a shower, getting dressed in clean clothes, managing incontinence and attending to hand washing needs, in home aides provide valuable services that improve the health and well being of seniors while also supporting their stated desires to age in place.

Other Ways San Diego Home Care Professionals Help

In addition to assisting with hygiene tasks, professional San Diego care providers offer services that help seniors to receive safe and timely transportation to medical appointments including annual appointments to receive the flu vaccination. They prepare healthy, warm meals, assist with eating when tremors related to Parkinson’s or cognitive deficits related to Alzheimer’s are present and provide seniors with valuable companionship that reduces instances of depression and increases the appetite. These efforts often help to boost the immune system and keep seniors safe from many flu related symptoms.

The Home Environment and The Flu

Home care workers provide services that help to keep a senior’s home environment free from airborne viruses that cause the flu. Many housekeeping tasks help to keep the home clean and sanitized, and this can reduce a senior’s chances of contracting the flu or reduce the severity and duration of symptoms if they do present.

After a Loved One is Diagnosed with The Flu

If a senior is diagnosed with the flu, hiring a San Diego in home care provider can reduce the need for hospitalization by mitigating the most severe side effects of the flu. A senior who is reminded to take prescribed medications is less likely to experience breathing problems, heart palpitations or severe dehydration. An individual who is supervised during ambulation is less likely to experience a fall after becoming dizzy from the flu, and this reduces opportunities for broken bones and other severe health consequences. Even if in home care is not needed long term, bringing someone in during this critical time can be beneficial and even life saving.

At Salus Homecare, we assist seniors in living high-quality, healthy and independent lives. Whether you are seeking short term in home care in San Diego for a loved one diagnosed with the flu or you are searching for ways to keep a home-bound senior safe from illnesses, contact our offices today. Our friendly associates are available to answer your questions and schedule a free, no obligation in home assessment to discuss your home care needs.

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