Bud Bardsley’s Story

Bud Bardsley is a Navy Veteran who served in the Korean war and a volunteer with Salus Hospice. In his own words, he’s had a glorious life, surrounded by family including grandchildren and great grandchildren. He knows that everyone needs an angel in their life – he married his.

Bud understands the importance of service and takes great pride in honoring our veteran patients through pinning ceremonies. In this video, Bud talks about how meaningful these ceremonies are and the great sense of satisfaction he finds in thanking each veteran with a respectful salute and a commemorative pin.

Bud takes pride in his volunteer work and expresses how meaningful he knows his role is. He states, “what I didn’t know when I started this program was, the last thing that goes is their hearing. I’ll be talking to a veteran and he won’t respond to me, but I know he can hear me. I’ll be saying something, and you’ll see him smile. He won’t open his eyes, but he’ll actually smile.”

Bud’s volunteer work came about because he needed to do something for other people. Once he started, he knew he didn’t want to stop. We so appreciate Bud’s important role with Salus Hospice, and it is our sincere hope that he never will stop. Our patients’ experiences are enhanced because of all he does.