Irvine, CA (December 8, 2020) — Salus Hospice and Home Health, a California-based company focused on providing coordinated and holistic home-based services including hospice care, palliative care, skilled nursing, and caregiving services, has announced the hiring of Montgomery Ostrander (Monty) who has joined the company as Director of Business Development. Ostrander will work in collaboration with Salus’ executive management and hospice team to oversee the company’s unprecedented growth with the goal of expanding the company’s hospice footprint and partnerships with medical and senior care professionals throughout the community.

Ostrander holds an MBA with a focus in Organizational Leadership and credentials for an MSW from the University of Southern California. He is experienced in hospice care and previously operated five board and care facilities specializing in dementia care. His 10+ years of industry experience helped him to develop a deep understanding of the benefits of a continuum of care when it comes to supporting patients and helping them to enjoy a high quality of life throughout every stage in the aging process. Monty believes that, with the right support and resources, aging is a more positive experience, and a person’s journey at the end of life is less stressful and more meaningful. 

When asked to elaborate on his feelings about joining Salus, Ostrander stated, “I’m excited about the growth potential of this incredible brand. We have real opportunities to develop partnerships in the community and share the mission of hospice care. In doing that, more families will be able to take advantage of the help and support that hospice care provides – essentially free help, as it’s covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans – help at a time when families need it most.” 

Ostrander continued by speaking a bit about his views on why hospice care is so valuable, “Through hospice care, we can provide comfort for the patient and also for the family, so that the passing of a loved one is less traumatic. Reducing the trauma associated with a loss means everything to a family. It helps them to recover and move forward in a more positive way.” 

“Monty’s talent and value were immediately apparent to me, and I’m excited to have him join our team”, states Boad Swanson, President of Salus. “His underlying passion for seniors and his dedication to the mission of hospice care make him an invaluable asset. Monty’s contributions will help Salus to further our goals of improving lives and supporting families while continuing to offer them the highest quality hospice care experience, one that is innovative, responsive and personalized to meet their needs.” 

In this role, Mr. Ostrander will work collaboratively with the Salus executive leadership team to design, implement and execute ideas that increase and improve access to hospice care. His role will also include training and mentorship of the hospice team and partnering with professionals throughout the community to provide them with valuable resources, information and training regarding hospice care. 

About Salus: Salus Hospice and Home Health is on the forefront of providing coordinated home-based services, which include hospice and palliative care, 24-hour skilled nursing, in-home care, and senior home care. Salus is “here to help” and supports a patient throughout the aging process with a reliable and trusted continuum of care. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., the healthcare provider has locations in California and Utah. Salus is accredited and continues to earn a 5-star rating from family caregivers, patients and professionals in the senior care and healthcare industry. For more information, visit the provider’s website at