Aging adults can face a range of challenging social issues, particularly as mobility declines, driving privileges are lost and spouses and friends pass away. In addition to increasing the likelihood of depression, anxiety and isolation, these events can have a startling impact on senior health. Seniors who contend with constant emotional stress and who lack strong social connections tend to decline in physical health at a far more rapid rate than those who do not.

Common Social Problems Among Aging Adults

Getting from place to place can become increasingly difficult as seniors age, making it hard for these individuals to maintain strong ties with their friends, family members and social organizations. Lack of reliable transportation along with a waning ability to provide adequate self-care causes many elderly people to miss out on essential, medical and dental check-ups. Moreover, seniors may find it difficult to stock their homes with essential items for maintaining a healthy diet and keeping themselves and their living spaces clean.

Senior Isolation

Due to declining mobility and limited access to transportation, many seniors end up living in isolation. These individuals rarely or never get out, host few visitors and struggle to maintain acceptable qualities of living. More importantly, they are often out of touch with the resources that can help them with these things. In these instances, there are many things that aging adults and their loved ones can do to improve their circumstances. Foremost among these is t begin working with companies like Salus Homecare. Home care professionals can help meet the basic self-care requirements that seniors are no longer able to manage on their own, while administering services that are best in line with the needs and abilities of the individual.

How Home Care Companies Can Help

With offices throughout Utah, Colorado and California, Salus Homecare employs professionals who are skilled in addressing a vast array of common senior concerns. This is especially true when it comes to companionship care and meeting ongoing transportation needs. Home care workers can transport their clients to and from their medical and dental appointments, take them on social outings and make sure that they are maintaining balanced and active social lives. These professionals can also assist with grocery shopping, housekeeping and advance meal preparation among other things. Their goal is to ensure that seniors maintain acceptable life qualities and that declined mobility and other age-related changes are not having a significant impact on senior mental health.

Important Lifestyle Changes

There are a number of things that seniors must be encouraged to do for themselves. Maintaining a positive and proactive outlook is essential for enjoying good health at this stage of life. When able, seniors should regularly engage in low-impact or non-impact exercise. They should also maintain healthy and balanced diets, seek regular and preventative medical care and moderate or eliminate alcohol consumption and tobacco use. Routinely engaging in social activities is vital as well. Local senior recreation facilities and scheduled outings with home care workers are among some of the best way to prevent senior isolation, depression and anxiety and to promote all-around good health.

The Benefits Of Social Engagement For Seniors

Seniors who are socially active are likely to be more physically active than those who live in isolation. Getting out of the house and taking walks with friends, participating in senior recreational activities or even volunteering at a local community center are among some of the many ways that aging adults can maintain acceptable levels of physical and social activity. Regularly putting the body in motion can promote balanced body weight, stave off problems like hypertension, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and promote elevated moods. Social engagement is also mentally stimulating and is therefore good for preventing degenerative brain diseases and for the maintenance of memory and cognitive functioning.

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