It is our honor to join The American Nurses Association in recognizing the importance of nursing professionals across our communities during May, National Nurses Month. Further, in recognition of Nurses Month, National Nurses Day, and International Nurses Day, Salus offers a message of thanks to these esteemed and invaluable healthcare professionals.

Nurses Bring Hope


Nurses, every day you bring hope to patients across our communities by offering them encouragement, information, guidance and solutions to their healthcare concerns. Your unique skillset includes active listening, communication, organization, collaborating, advocating and so much more. You use these skills to improve lives every day while putting your whole selves into this profession. A profession that is for each of you much more than a job. A career in nursing is truly a calling and an important part of your self identity. 

Nursing is a Team-Driven Sport

Nursing is never a solo act. In fact, it’s very much a team-driven sport. You collaborate and form partnerships with so many other healthcare and senior care professionals. At Salus, we are proud to recognize you as integral members of our home health and hospice care teams, and we are equally proud of the nurses we partner with through professional relationships across our communities.

Thank you Nursing Professionals

Thank you for tirelessly and selflessly sharing your knowledge and your skills with patients, families, doctors, medical teams and your professional partners. While the joys of nursing are immensely rewarding, there’s no disputing that the demands are equally draining. You take those demands in stride, even on the most difficult of days, and give this important profession your all, putting everything into improving the lives of the patients you serve. Today and every day, it is our goal to support you, advocate for you, and you give you all the credit you deserve for the work that you do.