In Home Care or Assisted Living – Which is the Best Choice?

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  • January, 23 2019

When an aging loved one reaches a point in life where they need more help, it can be difficult to navigate your choices. Many families immediately turn to planning a move to an assisted living facility. However, this sometimes goes against the desire of a senior to stay in the home that they love and remain independent. This might lead you to ask if assisted living is the right choice or in home care might be the better option. Cost and other matters come into play when making this decision, and it’s always important to involve the senior too. Here are some things to consider as you’re having family discussions and making your plans.

Level of Care a Senior Needs

Before making any decisions, consider how much help your aging loved one needs. Do they need more support with personal care? Are they lacking assistance when it comes time to grocery shop or prepare meals? Are transportation options limited? Do they need any kind of medical assistance, perhaps someone to administer medications or assist with checking their blood pressure or glucose levels? Are cognitive impairments causing concerns about safety when your loved one is left alone? Can they ambulate independently and transfer in and out of bed without risking a fall?

Support from Family Caregivers

Having this whole picture in front of you makes it possible to truly evaluate how much help a senior needs. Now it’s time to realistically think about how much care you or other family members can offer. This evaluation might lead you to find that 24-hour professional support isn’t necessary. If that’s the case, supplementing a few hours a week with professional care is a good way to support aging in place while keeping the cost of care realistic for your family.

In Home Care vs Assisted Living

As you’re making your choice between assisted living and in home care, it’s also a good idea to understand the pros and cons of each option.

In home care offers one on one support in the comfort of the familiar surroundings of home. Professional agencies also work to keep the caregivers entering your loved one’s home consistent, so this allows the senior to develop a bond with their caregiver. Costs are often lower when a family opts for hourly care, and the care plan can be personalized so that you’re only paying for the care you need.

Assisted living can be a good choice for seniors who enjoy group settings and a lot of socialization. If 24/7 care is needed, some families also find assisted living to be a cost-effective choice. However, it is important to recognize that the costs of facilities vary greatly. Check with the one you like to determine if there is a financial benefit. Families can free themselves from tasks including hiring, firing, scheduling and managing caregivers by choosing assisted living. Here however, the same benefit is available when you sign up for services through a professional in home care provider.

The bottom line is that the choice between in home care and assisted living is not always an easy one. Consider your loved one’s unique circumstances as well as their goals and challenges. Personal and financial factors will also come into play. Sometimes, having more information helps. Use this guide as a starting point; then, consider scheduling a consultation with both an in home care provider and an assisted living facility to learn more. Salus Homecare South Bay is always available to help. Contact us to schedule your complimentary, no obligation consultation.

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